Develop Your Trading Plan

Develop Your Trading Plan

Unfortunately, many traders are not successful! There are numerous reasons for this, one of the main ones being that many people don't have a trading plan. When you don’t have a plan, your trading decisions are largely based on hunches, instincts and emotions - chances are you will not achieve long term success.

Having a written trading plan provides you an edge over most market participants and in an arena where most people fail, how can you afford to not give yourself an edge?

"In regards to being successful in the markets, I think the single most important element is having a plan." Howard Seidler in 'The New Market Wizards' by Jack Schwager

Many people think that trading is easy money - it may be the hardest easy money there is! Trading has relatively straight forward concepts, yet is amazing how many people make a mess of it.

Here at, I want you to gather knowledge and acquire skills that will empower you to develop a trading plan that is right for you and that you will implement with confidence.

I wish you well with your journey and hope this website empowers you to trade well and profitably, and to change your life forever.
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