Paul McGann, Rebecca DeMornay
Colin Bucksey
The London branch of Whitney Paine, a major American investment bank, is in the midst of a crisis; after the loss of $100 million, one of their leading traders, Tony Eisner commits suicide by putting a slug through his head while seated at his place in the board room. Despite the high stakes, many of the firm's staff are eager to step into Tony's now-vacated shoes and get credit for saving the company. Daniel Pascoe, the leading trader at the firm, is convinced that he's first in line for the assignment, but the firm imports a new trader from America, Anna Schuman. Daniel is enraged and makes a point of trying to dig up as much dirt on Anna as he can, but things are going to take another turn.
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Do you want extra cheese with that?

Not really a drama, more a comedy. Mostly this is down to the abysmal script and wooden acting (surprising give the cast list). Paul McGann is a gilt trading wide boy who flies to work from his Kent mansion every day in a seaplane which he parks at Tower Bridge (right!). When one of his colleagues cracks under the strain of a $100m hole in his book and tops himself things start to move and shake.

As a film it's awful. As a story it's laughable. As a technical description of the day to day workings of a bond trading operation it is naturally hugely over simplified. But as a hilarious cheese-fest it's fantastic and as a general description of what things would have been like in a small London dealing room in the late 80s it's pretty good (although there isn't nearly enough swearing for it to be truly realistic). A mate bought it for me on video as a joke gift when I first started working in the city. He found it in a car boot sale in Battersea. I love this film - it's so bad it's great.

Trivia point: The scenes at the start where the suicidal Eisner walks through the lobby of his bank on his way to top himself were shot in the Royal Bank of Canada's office on Queen Victoria Street.
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