Day Trading the Currency Market

Day Trading the Currency Market

Kathy Lien
Jan 1, 2006
John Wiley & Sons
Day Trading the Currency Market reveals a variety of technical and fundamental trading strategies for the currency/FX market, and provides a more detailed look at how this market actually works. Designed for both the advanced and novice trader, there is something for everyone.
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A goof overview of market mechanics

This is a book that deals mainly with the history and mechanics of the currency markets, the relationship between the pairs and other instruments, differences in the forex sessions through the 24hr day, types and validity of analysis with a few strategies thrown in.

Very logically written, quite detailed, a bit dry - but it's forex, not Pooh Bear. If you like to know a bit about what's under the bonnet of forex this is for you. As Joe DiNapoli points out (as well as others) - you wouldn't dream of being in any other business without having a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the business, so why would you treat trading differently?
Waste of time

FX isn't really my cup of tea, however I purchased this with a view to expanding my knowledge about the subject, which I did, albeit it only very slightly.

Tedious, clumsy, repetitive & annoying (thanks to the FXCM ads).
A good waste of foreign currency

As an experienced trader ,I found this book a waste of money.

I can not see any use even for the new traders Sorry!I just wasted my time and money.
Day Trading the Currency Market

The best book I have ever read. It is full of real education. It is very helpful in trading.
Best Book on FX

I picked Kathy's book up at the Las Vegas Traders Expo. The book has solid overviews on the foreign exchange market. I even tried out 2 of her strategies recently (the Round number and Fade trade) - good stuff. Worth checking out.