CyberTrader Pro

CyberTrader Pro

CyberTrader provides real-time market data, execution systems, screeners, and strategy testing tools help you quickly find and act on buy/sell opportunities. Protect your positions with a suite of risk management tools that includes trailing stop and server-held alerts.
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This software is a little pricy but well worth it if you are going to trade for a living. There is just about nothing that cant be done with , its all there. I dont believe they have stratagies only instant live feed that you design. Easy to learn and use I used it years ago and it has only gotten better, Support sucks but after you know what your doing you wont have to use support

Good backup support is about the best I can say really. they have admitted to me that they have significant downtime with customers in the UK. their trading platform is good but a bit 'mickey mouse' in my opinion.

Understanding their financial reports requires a degree but overall not bad