cTrader is the FX industry's characterizing trading platform of the 21st century which has naturally blossomed into a fully multi-asset-class CFD trading platform, to now provide Direct Market Access to traders from all investment backgrounds who want to trade in a true Non Dealing Desk and feature rich environment. cTrader can give access to Equities, Indices, Energy, Metals and Forex CFDs.

Spotware Systems Ltd., the developer behind the cTrader Suite allows traders to govern their priorities and daily operations. Users can submit feedback from inside any of the seven trading platforms or through a number of other mediums. The company considers this to be one of the pillars of their success. Over the past 5 years, cTrader has seen hundreds of new features delivered to enrich the experience of their traders.

cTrader is available from any screen or device by using cTrader Web, which impressively boasts features on par with the desktop application as well as in the form of native apps for iOS and Android, each available from the corresponding app store. cTrader is complimented by cMirror and cAlgo.

cMirror is a unique mirror trading platform which unlike other similar products is broker agnostic. The application allows investors to find and follow strategies which are catalogued by their success and provides deep transparency and rich analytics. Managers are able to broadcast their strategies to an engaged audience and charge a commission to investors mirroring them.

cAlgo is an all-inclusive automated trading, development and testing platform. The platform supports the incredibly popular C# language, providing traders a human readable API. The application features a built in code editor and offers powerful backtesting capabilities.

All cTrader applications provide a cloud trading experience to traders with a cTrader ID. This allows them to store chart templates favorite symbols and entire workspaces in the cloud and receive important notifications about a variety of events including Price Alerts, Custom Margin Calls and pending orders, all via email.

You will find cTrader being offered by a number of international brokers from across the world, governed by a variety of regional regulators. FromSpotware’s websiteyou can download or launch and create demo accounts from any of their seven trading platforms.
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Quantower platform has a connection to ALL cTrader brokers via API
A fabulous, well-thought-out, retail-trading FX platform

Traders considering MT4 should really consider cTrader as it it is much more user friendly (and smarter) than the big rival. Not only with targets and SL's and DOM, but also with the data reported on your trades and your account growth (or decline). Brokers may not have as great a margin with this platform, as they probably have to pay a fee, but with all the more trades you'll win, it will be worth using. Plus, they have cAlgo for you quants as well. Not every broker has it, but find one that does and you'll become profitable sooner.