In the context of today’s unprecedented volatility and market risk, you need a weapon designed to help you not only survive, but to prosper in your trading battles.

The educational services available from Steve Nison’s are tried and true weapons that are continually proven on the battlefields of world markets every day.

“He who is well prepared has won half the battle.”
(Japanese proverb)

Mr. Nison’s highly-regarded company,, distinguishes itself by combining Japanese technical analysis (known as candlestick or candle charts) with the most effective tools of Western technical analysis.

The wide array of products on this site will help you spot turning signals before your competition, preserve capital, and improve market timing. Whether you are an institutional or private trader or investor, or new to candle charts, or a seasoned pro, you’ll find the exact product or service geared to letting you take full advantage of Steve Nison’s proven strategies.

Here are just the trading advantages
will give you:

Steve Nison is the recognized leading authority on candle charts. And, with his 30 years experience in Western technical analysis, our products and services are uniquely positioned to provide you with the unbiased, broad based technical perspectives which are so important in this volatile environment.

Everything on this site is personally certified by Steve Nison – from our selected partners, to our custom designed software.

Steve had had the privilege of designing winning strategies used by some of the worlds top trading firms. These same tools, techniques and strategies are available on many of the products and services on this site.

A partial list of services and products includes:
- Live and pre-recorded web seminars
- On-site institutional seminars
- Public seminars
- DVD workshops
- Personal Coaching - coming soon!
- Candlestick recognition software
- And many others
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