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Button Trader

ButtonTrader is an overlay application for traders who use Interactive Brokers for their on-line brokerage. The software allows the user to automate trading strategies and monitor their positions. It also provides a demo trading functionality to allow for testing one's strategies.
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Superbly thought out execution platform

Bottom Line : Overall this is a superbly thought out execution platform with great support. My personal view is that not paying up for this is a false economy. I have no affiliation, just a very satisfied and happy customer.
Writing a full description would be beyond the scope of a review so are here are a few reasons/features unique to BT that I like that spring to mind. I suspect an addenda will follow as it has sooooooo many great features.

1) BT is the only front end I have seen for IB that can cope with the speed of movement of e.g HSI in terms of the DoM keeping up AND allowing you to jump on moves with almost negated risk of being the clown who gets filled at the whipsaw S/R 100 pts away – the eventual fate of those using market orders. My last front end just did not hack it. BT does. Also allows you to easily navigate long distances up and down the DoM to place anticipatory orders.

2) Keyboard driven order entry/strategy option. In addition to the above keyboard entry allows another order configuration that allows me to get well positioned with a couple of ticks grace if I get that bad feeling just after I pulled the trigger.

3) Audible alerts for multiple markets lets you hear what’s going on in other markets while you may be focused on one. Audible and visual alert for levels and bid ask size etc – useful for alerting you to the arrival of flippers and other such clowns – can’t take them seriously when their presence is announced by a squeak squeak sound.

4) Designed for scalping but I have found it to be a superb tool for those who look for setups across multiple markets. Easy to switch between markets.

5) Order types and position management flexibility to add and subtract or merge contracts as individual positions. Without starting a debate, the ability to hedge a position is invaluable under certain conditions.

6) Stable and reliable with superb support and well documented.