Bracket Trader

Bracket Trader

Bracket Trader is an API (application programming interface) frontend to control IB's Trader Workstation (TWS). Exit orders are automatically sent the moment a trade entry is filled. The exit is sent as a pair of OCA (one cancels all) orders, with one on the profit side, and one on the stoploss side.
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Great, simple solution with nice features for day traders

This is not as feature rich as Button Trader, but that is one of it's benefits. I just want a nice DOM that I can enter orders quickly and efficiently through to IB. It also has a great simulator!

Nice bit of kit,I think.It's fixed the FTSE/100 problem.It's stable and easy to use.You can trade up to 5 contracts before having to register/contribute to the developer.(you need to do this if you wish to add tickers and change the default sound settings also but the usual futures are included already).If you have problems downloading it (I did) you can download 'Download Express' from .