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    Urgent - Spread Betting & FX Government Intervention - Last Chance

    I couldn't think of which thread to add these comments to, but this seemed like the most appropriate. Regulatory intervention is required on the practice of temporarily adjusting margin requirements (often x 2, x 3) around event risk. I accept that CFD / SB providers should be able to manage...
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    MT4 demo - inverse FX pairs

    Hello, Does anyone know if there is any MT4 broker which offers the inverse of popular pairs on its demo platform? e.g. USDGBP, GBPEUR, CHFEUR I appreciate conventional logic says just look at the way it's popularly quoted e.g. GBPUSD and flip your assumptions around. It would just be easier...
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    Major market moving events

    I'm curious to see how various currency pairs moved intra-day following significant market events. There's this really fascinating post over on babypips showing how the 6 Oct 2016 flash crash in GBPUSD unfolded. I wondered if any of you could point to tight timeframe charts of other...
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    FTSE dividend payment..

    To be fair to the OP, how index divvies are handled for spread betting accounts tends to be something buried away in the weasel words section, rather than being signalled more prominently. While others have observed this amounts to a zero sum adjustment, it does have an impact on cash balances...
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    any MT4 coders could make an indicator for me?

    Or MT4's own community.
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    MT4 On Mobile

    Just answered my own question. It seems possible to set up an Alpari UK demo account for this. Had a play around with the iOS version and the limitation is that you can't run any custom scripts (for me the whole points of having MT4).
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    MT4 On Mobile

    To add to the OP's question, does anyone know of a UK spread betting firm which also supports the iOS version of MT4? My existing broker doesn't and has no plans to do so. I could just set up a demo account with another firm which does, but most of these base their data on FX accounts, rather...
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    1400 this week ?

    My trading style isn't based on fundamentals, so I couldn't tell you even if I wanted to. A fifth of the way there this week ($1.4 trillion in your speak), though don't expect things to move in a straight line. Or am I merely feeding a troll?
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    1400 this week ?

    Based on my read of the Dax weekly chart, once the correction does begin I'm targeting around 6500, though I'd assume that move to take 2-3 weeks to fully play out.
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    1400 this week ?

    Also worth keeping an eye on whether USDCAD confirms it has carved out a bottom.
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    1400 this week ?

    Looks like we're well back in that territory again. I reckon we may head for 1430 on the S&P and 13380 on the DJIA before we're back into reversal territory. The VIX closed at 15 on Friday suggesting the reversal is nearing.
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    Rockwell Trading

    Hmmm... A quick look at the results section of this site and nothing updated since Jan 2011 ;)
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    john thomas

    To be fair, the need to demonstrate trades during the trial period was expressly stated. This didn't need to be live trades but could've been from a demo account.
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    John Thomas: Macro Millionaire

    How quickly the trolls circle... Sorry for the extended delay in updating. Had a member acted on every trade recommendation since inception end Nov 2010 the cumulative return would've been 31.26%. The return during June was 3.56% and there have been no new trade calls since then. Not the most...
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    Data feed standardisation

    A bit of a rant: am totally fed up with vested interests in the real-time data industry which results in a small pool of providers (did anyone say borderline monopolistic) and business practices which ensure a lack of inter-operability between different client applications. IMO, the real...