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    Interesting Article / Currency Trader

    I liked the part in the first paragraph of page 40 about market makers turning less liquid dollar pairs into more liquid cross positions that are easier to unload (less slippage/market movement driven by that trade). I hadn't thought much about this type of action in the crosses before...
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    Which news service?

    Try the free trial of Market News International It's out of your price range but at least it will give you an idea of what a news wire service should be like (not quite as good as Bloomberg or Reuters but definitely a good value). Then try...
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    Charting and Analysis

    Sounds good to me; the odd closing time really messes up the daily charts. Should we each email them or can you think of a better way? Cheers, TRADERguy
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    Charting and Analysis

    The charting software for CMC Forex was recently upgraded and received some major improvements including back testing. If this isn't available for the spread betting you might want to switch to a forex account. Cheers, TRADERguy
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    Learn everything in ACI's "The Model Code." This is the internationally accepted standards and procedures for foreign exchange dealers. Cheers, TRADERguy
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    Streaming retail spot forex data and charts

    I was going by what they had on their web site and now I see they have changed it and added the qualifier. I don't have CQG anymore; now that I'm trading on my own I have chosen a much cheaper route. Cheers, TRADERguy
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    Streaming retail spot forex data and charts

    The cheapest you are going to find EBS data on the web is to subscribe to but it's not cheap. Chears, TRADERguy
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    Interesting Post on Forex

    It looks like the few banks they deal with don't want to be required to make the market for IB during thinly traded hours. Cheers, TRADERguy
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    FX Spot Traders everywhere

    Trading the EUR/USD on the CME your transaction costs will be lower than if you trade retail forex (CME = 1 tic spread + less than a half tic in commissions; compared to the retail forex spread of 1.8 to 3 pips). However, if you are position trading (i.e. trading longer term) the transaction...
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    currency trading books

    Beach Runner, How detailed a book is this? I looked at the table of contents on and the book seems to delve into every nook and cranny of FX (history, spot, forwards, options, swaps, futures, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis) but the book is only 196 pages. Is this...
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    An Interesting Article about Interbank Online Trading

    Switching Tracks: A New Direction for Online Trading? 11 October 2004 - Originally published in Profit & Loss While the build up of bank-offered digital FX services began in earnest five years ago, today we appear to be entering a new phase. Over the past year, there have been several episodes...
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    What are the closing times for London forex desks?

    Thanks GJ. :)
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    Overnight Positions and Usefullness

    You will pay or receive interest starting the first day if you hold it through the close which is usually 5pm New York time (although some retail outfits use a different time). Trading longer term is a common practice, especially with bigger players. There is enough liquidity in the market...
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    Overnight Positions and Usefullness

    You can hold a position for as long as you want. You will pay interest if you sell the currency with the higher interest rate and you will receive interest if you buy the currency with the higher interest rate. The amount is more (triple I think) if you hold it through the close on Wednesday to...
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    GammaJammer, I got a manual from CMC for the charts. If you send me an email address, I can send it to you. It's 3.63 MB and 37 pages long. Cheers, TRADERguy