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    TA scanning

    Hi everyone I am trying to find which software is better for TA scanning Metastock or AIQ. I want to do some TA scans ( from Tony Oz's book). Most of these scans are based on price (High of day), volume, Bollinger band etc. for example one of the scan is find all share where price is...
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    Beta Testers Needed

    Sharky & Team I am able to spend time. So if you guys think that I can add something, then please send me details. Sukhi
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    Glossary of new stock market terms & definitions

    Glossary of new stock market terms & definitions The decline of stock markets around the world has redefined the investment environment. To reflect these changes, here is a glossary of the most-used terms and their new definitions. Momentum Investing The fine art of buying high and...
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    A few thoughts on chat room team idea

    David good stuff. I liked your idea/explaination about Risk & Reward ratio. I am watching RTR & STAN. Sukhi
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    Motley Fool - Why People lose Money in the Stock Market

    found this interesting post Sukhi ********************************************* Many people have lost an awful lot of money in the past twelve months. Why? They didn't do sufficient planning before deciding to enter the stock market. They didn't appreciate the rules of the game. Consequently...
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    Four-year-old beats City dealer in share prediction

    check this out sukhi
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    Be careful with your posts

    so why do we still have some members on this site who refuse to reveal his/her identity ? You know whom I am talking about Sukhi
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    A Great Day Out - The Times Investment Show

    Sharky & everyone else It was great to meet you guys. You guys are great laugh. I enjoyed the whole day. I managed to attend three seminars ( Chris Manning, Nick Glyden). Keep up the good work. Has anyone had look at page 99 of Shares Magazine this week? There is little advertisement for...
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    The Official Trade2Win's Big Day Out Thread For The Time's Share And Investment Show!

    I look forward to meeting everyone. Can we decide where we are meeting because some people don't have mobiles ? Also few of us attending some seminars etc. Jeff & Kev, I'll take your mobiles numbers with me and I'll give you ring on Saturday. Regards Sukhi
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    Nasdaq Free Fall

    Sharky LOL. very amusing Sukhi
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    No Omni picks Thu 8/3

    Jazz Three days in row with no OT picks !!!! Sukhi
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    BarNovs Small Cap Indexicator

    Paul Why are you going LONG ? It hasn't crossed the 1% up/down line yet. I thought that you only go long or short when the OHLC has crossed this 1% SL line. Regards Sukhi
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    Books For Sale

    I got some books for sale. Three of these are ONLY available in USA. 1. Stock Trading Wizard : Advanced Short-Term Trading Strategies By Tony Oz Amazon Price - US $ 86.40 SALE PRICE - £ 50.00 Read Review...
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    The next Audio Lecture

    Martin Can you please let us know the EPICs for Tuesday's lesson ? Thanks Sukhi
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    All roads lead to Rome

    Darth Thanks. I am testing RSI/MACD with OBV/MFI. I think that there was a post on our site here ( Dr Iraj)regarding using one price based indicator and one volume based indicator to confirm. I am trying not to get into too many indicators. So keeping it simple to RSI or MACD with OBV or MFI...