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    ForexMorningTrade System

    Thanks Jeff, I will be working off a demo account for a few days, Going forward I intend to use MT4 only for signals and place trades on an SB platform . Anybody here using the combination? I'd be interested in knowing what to look out for?
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    ForexMorningTrade System

    Hi Guys, I contacted a few of you for feedback, thanks very much for your inputs. I have bought the system now and am going through the manual. Hope to make a start tomorrow. Any tips that will speed up/smoothen my beginning will be gmuch appreciated ! :) Look forward to be a regular...
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    Swingin' the ftse 2010

    Hi Does anyone know of an EOD signalling service based on swing trading that I can subscribe to? Am pretty much a newbie with limited time I can devote to trading and would like to follow an expert before I go full fledged into this
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    Any ACCA member here?!

    I'm doing the finals of my ACCA.I do agree with Thos though. Accountancy has lost its sheen. Gone are the days CA's were conseidered exceptionally intelligent or top notch bankers were referred to as Accountants in James Bond movies. CFA is the 'in thing' - even then you cant get through to...
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    SST Swing Trader System

    hi, Has anyone heard of this system - If so, I'd be interested in reviews. Apparently, its been written by David Graeme Smith and many courses in England copy his methods loosely
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    Flag Trader

    I have seen a lot of reviews on another thread. They look quite good, the only problem is I am a bit confused: - I believe he runs a seminar that complements the software, is that true? - I can't seem to find any proper website or information on how to purchase . Does Guy have one of his...
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    Guy Cohen - Illuminati Trading System

    Hi I'm interested in the Intraday system that Paul mentions as well. Paul, would you send me some details please/ point me in the right direction Also, on Flagtrader, can anyone tell me where to buy his seminar/buy the system. i can see numerous websites but one of them that all 89 places have...