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    sub 100k SIPP, CFD's, Shares, Funds

    So What would the view be, hold the physical stock for medium to long term - as per Claudia 123 suggests in targeted areas of growth Or hold cfd in stocks medium to long term, going short / long dependant upon trend. I have however been advised against holding cfd's for any longer than a few...
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    Out of the box systems

    I am reading my first trading books and playing with demo accounts - I was wondering Do good traders follow mainstream rules i.e, turtles etc or does everyone have their own approach. If so which systems are appropriate in modern times, I have read on this board that turtles for example isn't...
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    DVD's and Books

    Can anyone recommend any good books or dvd's on trading principles to help get me started. I appreciate there is a wealth of information on this site, I am however looking for a single source of material that will give me a good grounding
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    gold calls

    Is anyone aware of any sites or subscription services that provide intraday gold calls etc Also anyone know which online broker provides the smallest spread on the price of spot gold?
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    Gold Sipp CFD

    Thanks Dentist I see IG have 2 ETC's one for Gold and the otherfor physical gold - what are the advantages and disadvantages of either
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    Gold Sipp CFD

    Hi Does anyone know if you can trade gold as a CFD in a sipp?
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    CFD Advisory Service - Can anyone recommend

    Are there any CFD advisory services and particular brokers that can be recommended by anyone out there through positive experiences over a long period of time. I am looking to instruct 1 or 2 with some funds from my SIPP however am put off by all of the negative stories. There must be some good...
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    sub 100k SIPP, CFD's, Shares, Funds

    I was wondering if anyone can help me I am new to trading / investment. I have a SIPP fund value sub 100k sterling which is currently in cash for which I have an aim to build to a size where I can buy a commercial freehold in the medium term. I want to invest for capital gains without...