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    Forex trading - hard work, but profitable

    Thanks for sharing with this tips, they're really useful, I can agree with them from my own experience too. Also I can add that if you want to become a successful forex trader it's important to pay attention on such things: - defining your goals and general risks carefully - focusing on a single...
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    Forex trading - hard work, but profitable

    Thanks for your reply! That's a rather good profit :thumbsup:
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    Forex trading - hard work, but profitable

    And how much do you earn with it? :thumbsup:
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    I’m New To TRADING – Where Do I Start?

    Forex is based on making financial operations with foreign currencies. Traders earn money on the difference of exchange rates of them because of that prices for certain foreign currencies are very important. Forex is made only in currency pairs, like for example, USD/EUR, and you need to monitor...
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    KISHORE M - Real or Scam

    Just another marketer who happens to sell trading courses to gullible people, ie those who think they can get rich easy with a few (expensive) courses
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    What else to do to AVOID this?

    Start by understanding why price is behaving and only when that reason aligns with the setup you are seeing do you take the trade
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    Anyone need any help?

    Does anybody use/recommend Alpesh Patel's pips predator?
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    Can anyone recomend a good trading course?

    Don't spend money on a trading course, but do spend time (and a bit of money) on learning technical analysis from the internet and books
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    Best Thread Correlation Trading - Basic Ideas and Strategies

    I don't understand the benefit ... I mean, I don't understand how the correlation charts work, or what they do. Could you please give an example of how it works?
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    I’m New To TRADING – Where Do I Start?

    Honestly, something I tell people starting out is to put your trade on and use whatever stop you use for your target and see which gets hit (this helps to determine whether your analysis is good). Work on finetuning analysis and then you can focus on order management. Too many new traders take...
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    Spiriton Media Group

    If they cold called you it is a scam for sure. To answer your specific question go to the FSA website and look them up.
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    Cashmaster PIE

    Zero risk and Forex can't exist together. But still there are goofs who are buying this promise.
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    Potential mass exodus from Spreadbetters.

    OP, who is your broker BTW?
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    Essentials Of 'New to Trading'

    Let your profits run. Cut your losses short. To do anything otherwise you are declaring to the world you know better than the market. Remember the market is more powerful than you, that is not to say you do not have a special insight.