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    Did you make a profit in 2017?

    I am glad to hear that. Mine has been about the same, but I don't mind.
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    Did you make a profit in 2017?

    2018 is almost over, I hope it has been at least as good as 2017 was.
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    Different Types of Trading

    When I think about what I knew and didn't know as a newbie I laugh too, but then again, I am just glad I have outgrown that phase.
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    Putting all great idea together

    I prefer to trade manually and it has been so for years. I don't like the loss of control that comes with an EA.
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    Did you ever try passive income which do not require your management?

    I concur. Any investment requires management, at least from time to time.
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    Putting all great idea together

    That is, in my experience, a particularly useful combination, I recommend it too.
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    Good site for fundamental analysis

    Thank you for the recommendations, I will check them out!
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    risk management

    What risk management advice would you give aspiring newbies?
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    Trade at any time

    When is the best time to trade depends on a lot of factors. It depends on your strategy, the currency pairs (or other instruments) that you trade, on the time zone you live in, on your personal preference, etc. Obviously, these factors and the answer to your question differ for different traders.
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    What is the average age of a consistent trader?

    I think that one thing that is relevant to trading is maturity, rather than age. If you are impulsive and immature, regardless of age, trading may be difficult for you.
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    Good site for fundamental analysis

    I don't think there is such a thing as a perfect analysis, they usually only have a degree of probability. The higher the probability, the better, obviously.
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    Positions to take

    I avoid trading during major news events altogether, I don't like taking on that kind of risk, regardless of position size.
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    Did you make a profit in 2017?

    The same strategy you are using should continue working in the same way unless there are major changes on the market.
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    The best chart pattern for forex trading signals

    Regarding the double tops and head and shoulders, I trade the former quite a lot, the former - not as much, but I still do find them useful.
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    Trade at any time

    I prefer Forex for the same reasons and I have no desire to switch for now, but to each their own.