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    Sharky - Dunlop top - shouldn't be ?

    Dunlop is only top because he shorted a share that has been suspended - I think I should be top at present - pelase advise. Log
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    Share competition leader

    unglyka donkee Why ??
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    Why is Macaroni top ?? Sharky ??

    There has been an error - he shouldn't be top ???
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    "guess Why I'm Top - Want To Be Rich This Week Yourself?"

    Bluebelle Only just seen this response. I use all sorts of tricks, including ISA of course. The usual 'one for me and one for the wife' trick is very handy, especially if you can afford to put the maximum amount in each year for each of you. I couldn't possibly go into more detail, but...
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    "guess Why I'm Top - Want To Be Rich This Week Yourself?"

    Bluebelle This is why I don't hesitate to take profits at every opportunity. Most of my current holding are actually 'free holdings' which I owe to the recent bull run. If I buy a share at 2p and it doubles, I generally sell enough shares to take my initial stake back and maintain a decent...
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    "guess Why I'm Top - Want To Be Rich This Week Yourself?"

    safecracker I guess you're not top any more ! Log
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    "guess Why I'm Top - Want To Be Rich This Week Yourself?"

    Neil Why ? Over the last year, I have had a portfolio of £150k worth of 'solid stocks' (Mainly FTSE shares) and also £20k that I 'play with' which I use for 'penny stocks'. I have traded IQE, OND & ZOO as well as others within the last year. My £20k as it was last January is now worth nearly...
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    Capricorn Resources

    RL You need to start responding to my emails Son. I've just done you a LARGE favour !
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    Sharky Did you get my email matey ? What are 'PMs' by the way? Cheers, Log
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    Capricorn Resources

    Bless him !
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    I'll win this one again. Trust me. Sharky - how do IO get my free level 2 and T-Shirt? Have you got any LARGE ones becasue I'm a fat b*****d !
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    Thanks to Akai Holding I am going to win the competition - You wait and See

    You're likely to win the competition ??? NEVER !!! On a serious note, CWV are a STRONG BUY due to a chart breakout - 16p is imminent and my buy yesterday at 6p if looking VERY HEALTHY ! Responsible Lad - I STRONGLY ADVISER YOU to byt CWV yourself now !!!!
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    Sharky - this isnt right !

    Two points : (1) OND is suspended, which does not make it worthless, far from it in fact. I can see two people who shorted OND and are higher than me who shouldnt be. (2) RSV - Room service - your database isnt recognising the decimal places so people are up into the millions ! I trust you...
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    Catch Me If You Can !

    Going to the ZOO this weekend :-))))))))