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    ES expectations

    I will be going live again in the next few months. The last time I was trading in the last time I traded ES was August 2015. I've been in Sim mode for many months and have corrected my errors of the past. I want to hear from those who are actually trading what your average results look like...
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    Set and forget or watch it like a hawk?

    I HAVE HAVE HAVE to use bracket orders. Look em up if you do not know what it is. So, that means once I enter, my stop and my exit at profit is automatically there. Sure, I watch it, but I do not allow myself to move the stop or the profit target. On the ES Mini, I use a 2 point stop...
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    Can this be real??

    I have been in Sim mode now for over 3 months. Trading only ES Mini. I am a pure scalper... with the VIX this low I scalp for 3 points (12 ticks) and have an iron clad stop limit at 2 points (8 ticks) I have been averaging 6 points per day... it seem s too good to be true and I have not used...
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    FINALLY! a day with some range

    S&P 31 points from low to high... lot's of great short trades... still VIX only at 11, but whatever,,, The SEPT ES contract traded 2,100,000 contracts, very nice volume. I just hope when I can go live that some of this continues
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    Patience - what is it?

    My version of patience The biggest thing I have had to learn is to NOT pull the trigger ! This was a tendency of mine before. For example: my setup requires a volume threshold to be exceeded, so I am tempted to enter the trade if it is close. Now, I have the patience to not go, I even...
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    Will volatility return?

    god I hope so... it is a struggle to make profits daily when the volatility is so darn low
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    Sim VS. Real Trading

    Okay, I trade the S&P mini... been out of market for almost 2 years. I have been in Sim mode now for over 6 months, and doing well (my goal is 6 points per day) . The last time I was live I did well, then not. I have now instituted hard stops and exits and will accomplish this thru bracket...