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    Best Thread Correlation Trading - Basic Ideas and Strategies

    High probab that the bullish trend will continue
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    What is the long-term?

    it all depends on who is trading. To an equity trader, 3 months may as well feel as 4 hours to a spread better
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    Best Thread Correlation Trading - Basic Ideas and Strategies

    Second you NVP on this one: A couple of pips ain't bad
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    Intraday Live short term trading calls from an Expert Retail Forex Trader

    +20 on EU, short term scalp but a good one
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    Do You Trade Holidays?

    As long as the markets are open and there is a trade setup, sure. Holiday or no holiday , that isn't a concern for me
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    What to trade with a day job

    Here is a nice market hours converter: Depending on what evening means to you then you may be able to trade the second half of US and few hours of sydney. Set and forget as well as automated strategies may work well in your case.
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    Remote Trading Possible Scam

    :thumbsdowThe only money involved in this transaction is the €575 that you are required to part with. How do you get a position which you didn't apply for? How many firms will state their terms that early?:thumbsdow:thumbsdow:thumbsdow
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    Contradictions in moving average crossovers

    wouldn't mind you posting a chart of the crossover, but if they tangle there is usually a higher chance of a consolidation
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    Can you learn to be discplined with your trading - Discuss

    hmmm, good strategy IMO, journaling trades is a sure proven way for new traders to improve. Followed a similar course too,but it wasn't optional in my case.
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    any recommendation for trading software? charting

    TradeStation has the vols and market profiles too, but its not gonna be accessible as an IG client.
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    just a matter of time before we know what
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    does a swing trader need intra day charts

    Maybe 8hr and 4hr charts only. You could use the EOD Ninjatrader or a custom charts on Mt4
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    Bitcoin brokers

    :thumbsdow keep off crypto for now. After MT GOX's fall better wait till the dust has settled
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    Becoming A Professional

    yea yea yea, if you are that good, then spend your time trading instead of teaching. You are gonna earn more, aren't you?
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    Trading Question

    sounds theoretically correct and doable. Only time and execution can tell. But meanwhile, all ze best!