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    Social / Mirror / Copy Trading: what are your experiences and views?

    you can find thousands sites like FXCOPY or FXSTAT - there only demomasters and scam broker accounts like FXCH ... WVC ... if there was 1 normal real account with 6 months stable trading everybody could copy it. After this FXPrice will kill that account - because many people same order...and as...
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    Social / Mirror / Copy Trading: what are your experiences and views?

    Tim Young ???!!! Who is this guy ? as always talking bla bla bla ... and no real account performance) the best way of copytrading is open PAMM account for Investors. why this Tim have no PAMM acc ? ask yourself
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    Cent Account BROKERs

    Hi Guys Wanted to start thread about review of best CENT account type Brokers. I like to test brokers first at Cent accounts and only after that i go USD Account. Dont like demo accounts...:D mt4 Cent account type is when you Deposit 100 USD and at your account 10 000 US Cents Usually brokers...
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    Different Types of Trading

    you need experience 1 man like Scalping, other like long term Fundamental trading based on Forex News Calendar trading, other people like MAthematic based automated systems, pipsing, indicators... etc) also in market there lots of instruments. Now many traders trade Bitcoin.. not only FX pairs...
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    Introduce Yourself

    hi guys! My name is Alex and i am professional Forex Trader and MQL Soft Developer my experience in trading about 5 years. only last 1 year i started to trade in profit) before that it was very crazy long way of experiments and codes / forwars tests... etc) I hope to find there good friends and...