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    I have found the Holy Grail indicator for the Dow Jones - 100% right so far

    27 people saved on YouTube so far. To be fair - the fella put a decent amount of time into that vid. The fact it's total bollocks shouldn't detract from that
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    I have found the Holy Grail indicator for the Dow Jones - 100% right so far

    Brilliant video in the OP. First is the boredom filter - 3 or 4 mins of mind numbing details about him cleaning windows. Then - "I changed the settings a few days ago and now it's 100% accurate". I also liked the stuff about having not traded it and not having sufficient money to trade...
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    Broker Fraud

    Hard to know without the broker telling why the stop was triggered. The broker should be able to reference published rules. It's a good lesson in avoiding illiquid markets for sure. Wouldnt happen on SPY... Sent from my SM-A720F using Tapatalk
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    Broker Fraud

    Re: spoofing... You cant spoof the inside bid down in theory... But if you are the sole MM active on any specific illiquid market, you have a hell of a lot of scope for pushing stuff about. Sent from my SM-A720F using Tapatalk
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    Broker Fraud

    A reduced bid should not trigger a stop at all. Only an order should - BUT - that presumes specific stop rules. I'm thinking CME. Obviously, this isn't the CME, so different rules seem to be there. What the punter needs to know here is quite simple - why did the stop get executed - the broker...
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    Broker Fraud

    OK - so are you aware of the rules for stop order execution or not? You are still not aware that the bid & offer prices ARE the prices available to trade. Actual executions do not represent the prices available to buyers and sellers throughout the day. For example - they may have stopped you...
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    Broker Fraud

    Good point - I was reading executions as if they were in order. So the question back to you - what are the stop order execution rules on that exchange? Do you know?
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    Broker Fraud

    Here's what actually happened. The bid price on the exchange went down to 1085.75 and then someone sold 417 shares. Your stop does not get triggered unless a trade occurs. So the 417 transaction was not somebody else's shares being picked up cheaply. It's the trade that caused you to get...
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    Anybody using or have info on FuturesOnline ?

    That's GAIN Capital, used to be Open eCry. FAIN are a Futures FCM and also massive in Forex. Well capitalized. They have their own platform which is solid. Not sure what info you are looking for - but they aren't likely to disappear overnight.
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    What is the average age of a consistent trader?

    +1 If the 10,000 hours was true - there would not be a single prop firm in existence today. That's approximately 250 working weeks. So your average intern in a prop firm would be a loss maker for 5 years. The best rule of thumb with the 10,000 hours thing - anyone spouting it should be...
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    Can anyone recommend a good Order flow educator.

    Well - as the proprietor of said company - the free training you get with the product is good ;-)
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    Risk Reward Myth

    I know a market maker whose stats are: 85% wins 10% scratch 5% losses Much of the time he's in the market for less than 10 seconds. The majority of the time he's looking for a tick. A trade against is quite often more than his 1 tick target. So yes - there is no law that says risk less...
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    Any one know about working for a Prop firm

    All firms are different. But the more profitable you are, the more negotiating power you have. There's normally no salary or holiday. In terms of getting fired - they are patient with new traders trying to get profitable and most likely you'll starve before they fire you. If you are...
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    Tape reading, Time and Sales, Order flow

    Of course. Start off reading momentum & use that in trade management - should take 3-4 weeks tops.
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    Predicting future FX support and resistance levels using mathematics

    Initial feedback was CONSTRUCTIVE. Support & Resistance concepts lead to losing money. To buy support, you have to buy a market that is moving down. This is a suckers way to trade. You are building math to fight the market. At what point will you be able to prove your math ends in positive...