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    Recommend me a Broker!

    Cyprus is amongst the easiest places in Europe to open a company. And the cheapest in terms of government tax. However, Cyprus is no longer an Out-of-EU-Off-shore area. They are in the EU and all the brokers that want to get Cysec licenses must comply with all EU regulations (The ESMA ones...
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    Recommend me a Broker!

    JAFX is located in Sofia, Bulgaria but registered in St Vincent and The Grenadines. Which means they are essentially not regulated. Next - they are (most likely) a Market Maker = bucket shop = stay away sign.
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    JFD Brokers - Reviews and feedback

    JFD Brokers is an online multi-asset brokerage and portfolio manager company. It was founded in December 2011. Its co-founder and current CEO is Lars Gottwik. JFD offers trading through its online platforms in Forex and CFDs (stocks, bitcoins, indices, commodities, bonds and ETFS & ETNS)...
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    Recommend me a Broker!

    JFD Brokers is FCA registered. Pure DMA/STP (meaning they are not a MM and don't have a DD). Average USD/EUR spread is 0.3pips. + Negative balance protection + Positive slippage + Post trade transparency reports + customized MT4 and MT5 platforms + Good CS and support + Allow scalping and HFT...
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    Potential mass exodus from Spreadbetters.

    I absolutely agree. Don't get me wrong. I am not defending such practices in any way shape or form. After all, we're all in it to make a profit and such scam brokers should be shamed, publicly ridiculed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. P.S never forget that a good broker can go...
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    Potential mass exodus from Spreadbetters.

    True that. Anyone who's interested in binaries and SB should do it knowingly that it's unregulated and carries all the risks that the regulation was set in place to protect against.
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    Potential mass exodus from Spreadbetters.

    I've seen some companies that have found a loophole in the system: ESMA only applies to brokerage firms. Some EU brokers started opening subsidiary firms registered as gambling services (ESMA regulations do not apply for them). So, they will continue offering binaries and spread betting as a...
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    29 BTC Selling!

    Share the wallet address, if true I might be able to help.
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    Trade or Invest in Bitcoin?

    How is that a good thing? This will be a potential loss of traders, as a lot of people will not start trading due to the fact that they will have to open an account with higher starting balances. The other good thing is that they are banning binaries, which are essentially gambling.
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    Could you explain why would that be of concern to traders outside of the USA? As long as I am not trading on a US based exchange and am paying my taxes on the trade profits, why should I care?
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    Luckily for me I live in the EU. So, the CFTC and SEC are not an issue. Have to wait and see what will the EU's commissions will come up with in terms of regulations. Also, what my current country of residence will do. However, until then - my crypto experience (trading) is more of an experiment...
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    Looking for CFD Broker doing Cryptocurrencies

    Any particular reason for wanting to trade crypto CFDs instead of actual cryptos ?
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    If you think about it - this method works. Examples: 1. Guy ran for mayor simply because they needed another candidate to make the election happen. He didn`t spend a dime on advertising. And his whole election campaign and slogan was "Please, don`t vote for me." Sure enough - he won. 2. The...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hey all, new here. I've been trading cryptos for about a year now. It started like a joke but since I've managed to turn 14$ into 120+ it's become somewhat of an obsession. Since January this year, I've started reading and learning about FX trading. Still a lot more to learn and test on a...