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    Which broker is better?

    I can advice you to try AAATrade. They have CySEC license.Using MT4 for couple of months and enjoy trading :ROFLMAO: According to reviews - it's one of the best brokers nowadays. Also, my favourite feature is AAATrade provides clients access to the...
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    Hi, here is good easymarkets review. I don't have any experience with broker, but my friend still has trading account with easymarkets. Accordint to his review it's reliable broker with absolutely fair and transparent trading condition.
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    Which broker to choose from metadrader

    You can check some LMFX reviews like and it's written that it's non-regulated forex broker. They've got St Vincent and The Grenadine license which is not reliable. I can advice not to invest much money to them.
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    Hot forex

    I agree with you, but under I 'good broker' words, i mean that this broker has FSC, FSCA and CySEC licenses. Their customer service provides support in 27 languages to meet the clients need, while more than 500,000 Live accounts currently opened in the company. And ******** has about 20 Industry...
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    How To Choose Best Broker ?

    It's pretty difficult to find good and reliable broker. Youn need to follow some simple steps while choosing new broker. 1. Check broker reputation using some forums and review websites 2. Check broker license (ASIC, CySEC, FCA, FINMA, MAS) 3. Learn everything about withdrawal methods 4. Try to...
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    Hot forex

    Hot forex is good broker, according to the tonns of reviews.
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    demo trading account

    Also, i believe that only reliable brokers provide demo accounts. Cause scam brokers not intrested in non-profit functions on website.
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    Is it normal to wait 14 days for a withdraw ?

    That's too much and it's look quite suspicious.
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    CFDs100 Review

    CFDS100 is a scam. I've checked them, and they don't have any licenses. You can also find some similar scam-brokers like CFD Corporate, CFD Royal and some other. All of them don't have any licenses, and allow withdrawals. There were some news, that FCA warns about the forex and CFD broker СFD...
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    I'm New To T2W - Where Do I Start?

    welcome :)
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    Which coins would you prefer to buy?

    I prefer to buy bitcoin in 2000+ when his price was about a dollar :D
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    Forex trading advices

    And where are your advices?)
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    FAQ How Long Does it Take to Make a Stable Income from Trading?

    I don't believe in a stable income from trading. It's always risky. If you have great experience and knowledge you can decrease level of risk, but it will always follow you while trading.
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    Forex trading - hard work, but profitable

    wow, that's quite good indicators. How much time do you spend for trading per week?
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hi Everyone. My name is Arthur, and i'm 32 years old. Glad to join your community. I hope to find here lots of usefull information, cause i want to become experienced trader.