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Star Trader - MCI technologies

Has any one bought this soft ware??
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There were an number of threads concerning this company that had to be deleted because their lawyers didn't like the sound of what their ex- and prospective customers had to say about them and so they started to brandish a big stick at Trade2Win.

This is the only one I can find that is left.

However I can safely say that the consensus was to avoid this company and their products like the plague.
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Veronica Harriso started this thread Thank you - I believe you have save me some grief. I have been considering Trend Signel - Do you know anything about them - I am a novice trader.

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I had some sales guy from MCI who claimed not to be a sales guy trying extremely hard to sell me this product... super high pressure sales techniques, made me think of some of these boiler rooms that phone me up from time to time.

Obviously I was never going to buy anything but I was bored at the time and let him play his sales patter out and even give me an online demo of the product. Suffice to say it looked like an amateur with a crayon had knocked together a crude charting package in VB and created some sort of traffic light effect for when several different indicators line up. The idea being when they are all green you buy a stock, blah blah blah.

They made some ludicrous claims about its accuracy and at the end of the presentation i tightened the thumbscrews on the credibility of their "backtesting" and how they could even make such claims without any statements to back them up.

Additionally there were no money back guarantees and no trial periods.

Draw your own conclusions.
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I hate to admit it but I bought the star trader program many years ago when it was called The Blue Chip Trader. It has taken me these many years to recover from the cost of that program and be in a position to trade again!

IT IS UTTER CRAP!!! Do not buy it.

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I had dealings with them a few years ago...their glossy and vacuous sales "literature" should be enough to put anyone off
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Yes, I agree with Pipp the sales brochure should make anyone want to puke.

Veronica, if you do buy it (or any other software that is marketed like MCI) don't go crying to anyone when your 'dreams' turn into nightmares because we all warned you.
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star trader - mci

having just received a mailshot from MCI on star trader, I thought I would search the good old T2W forums on the subject.
you guys have confirmed what I suspected.
after reading the rather vague intro, the alarm bell rang louder when there was no mention of a product price.
only a freefone 0800 number on which to set myself up for the hard-sell.
looks like mci are constantly trawling the market.
this is the third I've had over the last few years.
they haven't given up !
"Knowledge and ignorance can be equally good confidence boosters".

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