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Re: Hedge Fund Copier

davechilde started this thread AUD/USD TP2 Hit for +140

AUD/CAD eventually hit TP1 for +45, stops moved to B/E
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Re: Hedge Fund Copier

davechilde started this thread pboyles, I see you are online this morning. I've had no reply to my PM to debrox offering to send him the evidence that I'm not a vendor. I've tried to PM you to offer you the same but your profile doesn't accept PM's. If you send me your email address I'll send you some scanned docs by return.

I have nothing to prove, but am irritated by being called a liar (not by you) in an open forum, but refuse to let the thread degenerate into the bitchfest they often do.
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Re: Hedge Fund Copier

davechilde started this thread
Originally Posted by pboyles View Post
Thats entirely possible, as I said at the start this company have done an enormous amount of SEO work which will pretty much bury any criticism. You'd have to wonder why they would do that if the results are so fantastic. Maybe it's time to look a bit more closely.
I have to admit I bought this product on a wave of optimism (no doubt whipped up by the sales pitch) and was feeling like a bit of a mug when I first saw your comments about all the SEO ( what is SEO work???) work that had been done and agree that this should be a warning sign.

Finding the product website and the website of the vendor, completely void of content also had scam written all over it. The website now has the promised content, but unless viewed by a complete newbie is pretty useless. I think there was supposed to be a user forum, but there isn't one yet.

However, so far I am happy with the results, but only the results. The software platform is poor, it freezes regularly and has to be restarted and even if wanting to move the window (the size of which cannot be changed) around your screen, it may temporarily freeze for up to 15 seconds, which at a time when I want to look at the chart behind in a fast moving market can seem to be an age.

My main gripe however is the fact that the trade signals are not produced on my machine, they are produced by the vendor and fed to my platform, so I have no security over the future of the system.

Initially the after sales service was good, but that has tailed off. There is supposed to be a function to set up email and SMS trade alerts. I've emailed support about it, was told to send my details to set this up, but nothing back so far.
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Re: Hedge Fund Copier

We have prepared the upgrade of PowerTradeCopier software that fixes the last problems with MT4 servers. New

version of software is able to connect and trade on all Metatrader 4 servers both new an old ones) without

You can buy PowerTradeCopier with 10% off here:
Fully compatible with MetaTrader 4 build 409 - 419

-Provider Mode allows you to copy all trades from master account(s) to any number of slave account(s) over the

-Different types of money management settings;
-Clients can be located at any location worldwide and receive trades over the internet without delay;
-Trades can be copied from any Metatrader 4 account including investor password accounts;
-Master and slave accounts can have different account balance;
-Allows clients to choose master account(s) to receive trades from;
-Detect currency name suffix automatically;
-Reverse Trades technology will help you turn your loosing trading system or EA into a winne;
-Take Profit and Stop Loss Multiplier technology;
-You can choose which currency pairs you want to trade and those you want to ignore;
-You can copy pending orders as they are or only when th
ey gets triggered on master account;
-All trades are copied without latency;
-Copier is very fast because based on API;
-Can copy trades between different Forex brokers;
-Compatible with all Forex brokers including ECN, DD, 4 and 5 digit brokers;
-Does not require to run and keep running MT4 terminals;
-Compatible with all Windows OS versions;
-Works just as well on VPS as it does on any computer.
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Re: Hedge Fund Copier

Originally Posted by davechilde View Post
I understand the cynicism displayed by Debrox and Pboyles, T2W is regrettably too full of charlatans pretending to be something they are not. I have sent debrox a PM and hope to be able to alleviate his concerns. For obvious reasons I am not going to post such personal info in the open forum.
call me Charlie for short ?
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Re: Hedge Fund Copier

I use powertradecopier. It works without latency and do not need to run mt4 terminals. I like it. The also have version for copying via internet, but I have not tried it.
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Re: Hedge Fund Copier

powertradecopier review http://www.trade2win.com/boards/trad...ml#post2009272
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