How can T2W better serve its community?

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My view is that most of the real traders just get on with it and are more interested in T2W as a diversion from trading rather than talking about it. Since they are (have been!!) here many are happy to pass on the odd nuggets of advice etc and/or point up spurious claims from the five minute wonders (of whom there have been many). Many were often pretty vicious with the latter types to the extent that they either got themselves banned or went off in disgust.

In the early days there was a preponderance of the semi-experienced who interacted with each other as part of their ongoing learning. Sometimes that smacked of the blind leading the blind, but often there were those more advanced in their learning journey to take the lead. There seemed to be little by way of "hidden agendas" - usually commercial in nature - which have become an increasing headache for the site as the membership has grown.
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Originally Posted by Sigma-D View Post
So Sharky's request as per the title of this thread is really directed to banner-clicking newbies rather than experienced old hands who would actually be more useful than the banners clicked.

In which case I'm sorry to have missed the site's zenith and I'm sorry its policies have had the impact that they have.
It's just my opinion. Other's may have different views.

Fortunately the site acts as a historical archive for some very, very good content. However, it is hard to know if something is there if you do not even know you are supposed to look for it.

Unknown unknowns as Rumsfeld refers to them.
Confident about your performance? Perhaps you should consider the Dunning-Kruger effect

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Not to mention the changes in markets' volume and volatility , lets face it when there is a high volatility environment - credit crunch - that will bring traffic and encourage participation ...
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But you'd imagine there would be a steady stream on new to the site, but experienced traders, who would go through that loop ad infintum. What seems to have been the case is that there was a tranche of experienced and semi-experienced traders who co-existed in the same space (here) and time (then) and when they all got bolloxed off with the site - left. Never to be replaced or refreshed. That's it.

I'm wondering if the shift in popularity and ease of access to Forex has been the culprit?

Trading stocks, options, commodities and futures attracts a more seasoned, sensible and generally intelligent form of life than the level these days attracted into the 'simplicity' of trading forex. The former has a business-like feel and requires a business-like approach while the latter tends to be geared to morons with pocket money to play with and ease of access to brokerage facilities where you can play for a few pence per pip. The sort of person, if robster is correct, that the site is actively hoping to attract in order to max is ad revenue streams.

Seems they've got what they wished for.
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Originally Posted by tar View Post
Not to mention the changes in markets' volume and volatility , lets face it when there is a high volatility environment - credit crunch - that will bring traffic and encourage participation ...
Yeah the volume and volatility is a major issue. TBH I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would trade forex in these times.

Algos have also taken their toll.
More restrictive regulation.
Banning of short selling.

There is loads to talk about, but nobody doing it.
Spreading the madness across this suite of forums.

Those are my principles and if you don't like them, well..... I have others.

Kin Dissers Everywhere
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Sharky started this thread Thanks for all the feedback so far, it's exactly what I was hoping for when I kicked off this thread.

I don't want to dwell too much on the past, at there is a lot of history there and I'm really interested in how to move things forward from here.

I'm open to all suggestions, and my only priority is the interests of the site, NOT increasing page views.

I think we all agree with Sigma-D when he said 'Anything which promotes sensible, polite and experienced debate has got to be a good thing.'

For me this is the no.1 priority and the minimum any self-respecting trading community should aim for. It's a 'need' for a successful trading community. Outside of this, the aims of providing a safe platform for newbies and as Barjon put it 'a diversion from trading rather than talking about it' come second, and can be described as 'wants'.

The challenge is in balancing these three things, and that's the motivation for this thread.
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News and economic calendar - live - section with a chatting/commenting feature .
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As a fairly new member - less than one year - I really don't know a lot about the site in the good old days - but can say - this last 6 years from 2008/ 9 - the whole world as changed and things have moved on in more ways than you think

T2W as far more competition and diversions compared to 2005 -2010 - everything from Facebook / Twitter / You Tube / Instagram / copytraders / etc etc - and so its bound to lose members to other new sites etc.

I actually agree with a lot of the comments already said about what's happened - but surely this as happened to all specialized trading sites - People are no longer living the good life of the nineties and early millennium - times have been tough for many since 2009 - money is no longer growing on trees and so less new traders willing to enter the markets.

Then add the fact that its not just dodgy vendors who have been ripping off all newbies - its been the banks - and now approx 10 yrs too late - they have been found out as deceitful crooks and so the FX markets have changed - they are harder to trade ( although still OK for experts) and so instead of having 1000 new FX traders every week or month signing on at brokers - its maybe 10 now and so T2W and other similar sites need to adapt and change with the times to attract more new members.

If you do a quick SWOT analysis on the site - its still as many advantages over it competitors - but with having such a vast thread base - many of the real gems are lost.

i would say that its worth finding the gems from the proper traders who have now left and recirculate them for a month or so to create new interest again.

The "Off the Grid" section is good for light relief from the boredom of full time trading - but so many good comments are lost in a couple of hrs in busy times - it needs to be latest 25 or 50 posts rather than just 10.

I think if the world economies improve over the next 1- 3 yrs - T2W will get lots of new members again joining every month - but meanwhile its a case of making sure every new member is made welcome and looked after - so that they want to join in and contribute and recommend others to come over to what can be the best Trading site again

Just my thoughts for now

Good Trading


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