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Originally Posted by cj trader View Post
I would be more than happy to hear from Colmex as well, but that most likely won't happen. I posted my information so others can be aware of this broker's reputation.
I'm sure their are others out there with similar incidents.
Sure thing, usually I don't take to much notice of bad reviews before trying on the broker myself in real live trading. But these reports goes beyond the usual "bad review" broker. So one must be careful, I need more reports from elsewhere as well. I notice you both are from Canda, a coincident? The Colmex representative is silent at the moment, not a good sign I must say.

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What people do not realise about trading in places like Cyprus is not just the lower regulatory cover but (more importantly) there is nobody to complain to if they stiff you.

In the UK you can complain to the FOS who are no friends of the financial services industry and who will bend over backwards to find in favour of the client if they possibly can.
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Originally Posted by pboyles View Post
It's just another Cyprus registered 'broker', there's a reason these companies register themselves in 3rd world jurisdictions and it's not the weather. Your money is at risk with all of these offshore brokers. Stick to UK regulated brokers, at least if they steal your money you will have some access to compensation.
It seems that your brain is a 3rd world product instead. Cyprus is a member of the European Union, as third world as the UK would be considered.

Not to mention how many scam companies are incorporated under UK jurisdiction.
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This is all BS. All written by agenda motivated new members. How do I know? Simple: I have a Colmex account and never had an unsolved issue. Did I have any issues? Yes, but I had more with other brokers. Let me tell you this: Colmex has an EU Mifid regulation, therefore customers can complain to the regulators and there is nothing a regulated broker fears more. If 10% of the stories here were true, they wouldn't last regulated for a year. They are in business for many years. I was referred by Meir Barak who has an account with them since 2008 and this trader knows what he is doing. Seriously, don't buy the BS written by agenda motivated competitors. Colmex is the only broker who lets you trade real market spreads with a professional platform. You need to try them out for yourself.
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This thread went dead, but Colmexpro still seem very much an active entity

what's the current outlook for using Colmexpro?
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Hi guys. Just came across this forum after I too was interested in Colmex. Have there been any updates on your issues? Did you get your money back in the end? I love their platform but they charge so much commission. $0.01/share per ticket. So for 1 trade of 5000shares youíll be paying $100 in comission. $50 for buying and 50 for selling. I think this is a bit ridiculous but I havenít used many brokers so is this normal? I live in the UK. Are there any brokers similar to Colmex with a level 2 that Iíd be able to use?
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