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Brighton Business School

I'm actually 18 and from Vienna. I have to decide now what I want to study next year and where I wanns study. I wanna do later in my life something with the Stock Market or Invesment Banking. Not necessarily a Trader. but maybe. But I wanna get a good academic background for the Financial Markets. I have looked for many programms, and one of my favourites is actually the Brighton Business School

I didn't found any other university which offers such a specific Capital Market program. Another option could also be the University of Reading, but they have very high entry requirements, so I don't believe that I have a chance of admission there.

So I wanna ask you what do u think of the program? Do u know another univerity with a maybe better course? Has the Brighton Business School a good reputation?

I thought that I should make the Bachelor at the Brighton University and then to change for my Master at the London Metropolian University. There they offer the "Fund Managment" Master degree, which sounds aussume, cause that's exactly that what I wanna do.

Thx for every respond!
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Hi - I need to be careful what I say, as I'm an alumni of BBS, and don't want to do myself down! Just be aware that although the Business School has a good reputation in itself, Brighton is not a particularly well regarded University. It's an ex-Polytechnic - I was there in its Poly years, so nothing wrong with that, except that realistically it can't compete reputationally with Oxbridge or the red-bricks. Whether this is important for you or not depends on your career path.

Going into industry it's not likely to be a problem - certainly wasn't for me. I got on a good graduate scheme with a 'blue-chip' employer straight away on the reputation from the Business School. But frankly the City is different - I can say that as I ended up there. Frankly, having been involved in recruiting for the equities floor of an investment bank, there is no way that a graduate of Brighton University would have got through the door. My advice, if you want to go into financial markets from graduating, is do a 'numerate' degree (Economics, some kind of mathematics, physics, etc) at the best University you can apply to: Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, etc. In my humble opinion, and speaking as one of its graduates, Brighton Business School / University just doesn't come across strongly enough on a CV.

On the plus side, Brighton must be one of the best places in the world to be a student...!
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Iti0087 started this thread The problem is that my marks aren't very good. I was always intersted in the financial markets, I read financial newspapers and books since I m 14... When other student learned for the school, I read finacial books. So I have (for my age, not generally!) high financial skills and knowledge, but my marks aren't good enough for a real Top-University. I know that it would have been more clever to learn for the school instead studieng the markets, but now it's too late.

And another, for me very important, advantage for the BBS is: The "International Finance and Capital Markte Studies" is exactly that for what I m searching. I didn't found any other university which offers the same or something in that direction.

Another question: How big are the chances to make the Bachelor in Brighton and then to change, if the marks are good enough - we ll see - to change for the Master Program to a Top-University like Oxford/Cambridge/ or something else? Is the reputation of the BBS good enough that Top-Universitys accept you?

And: How ist the Reputation of the Metropolian University in London? I don't believe that it's better, cause (i think) that there are more than 30 000 students, but I don't know.

Thanks for the Replys!
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I would think again about getting an over-specific degree. Any numerate degree is going to demonstrate to an employer that you're able to pick up the ropes, but if you end up with a degree in International Finance and Capital Markets, what if in the next three years you decide you actually want to go into marketing? Picking an overly specific degree might close some options for you. It's easy to explain why, having done Business Studies, you want to go into banking, less easy to explain at an interview why you've spent three years doing IF&CM and now want to work in something different. The graduate trader I worked most closely with had a degree in Chemical Engineering, if I remember right. The key point was that he was very very bright, had chosen a challenging degree, and had come from a good university.

To answer your question, if you were excellent at BBS you could probably go on to the LSE, Oxford or wherever to do a post-grad qualification.

I don't know a lot about London Metropolitan University, but it sounds like another of the ex-Polytechnics. I am sure perfectly reasonable, but low on prestige. Does this matter? Yes, if a prospective employer thinks similarly.

Look here for UK university reputations - you can argue about some of the specific rankings, but overall a good summary of where the universities rank.
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Dons 'accepting students they know will fail

You asked about London Metropolitan University?

London Guildhall and the University of North London, which merged to become London Metropolitan University, had the worst drop-out rates at 35 per cent and 39 per cent, respectively
Youíll find that this came from a news item in the Daily Telegraph:

Itís best to avoid, donít you think?

Anyway, I wouldnít underestimate your chances of being accepted at better institution, mainly on the grounds that your language skills seem perfectly adequate to me Ė Iím assuming that German is your motherís tongue? And I guess that your maths must be OK if youíre comfortable about taking a course with an emphasis on quantitative methods?

Anyway, I agree with JoC when he says that ďthe key point was that he was very bright, had chosen a challenging degree, and had come from a good university.Ē



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Iti0087 started this thread Yes, my mother's tongue is German. And no, I am not really good in Maths, because I don't like Geometry, and in Austria you do in the last 2 years nearly only geometry. As we learned statistics, I was really good, but now we are doing again this boring things. That's really unfair, because Geometry isn't important for a course with an emphasis on quantitative methods. But who knows (and accepts the fact) in England that we are doing in Austria in the last 2 years mainly Geometry? Nobody.

But I will try to apply also at the better universitys like St.Andrews, Bradford or Warwick for a place. Maybe they give me the chance for an interview where I can show them my enthusiasm and my high motivation. And maybe they will also consider that I have already intermediate accounting skills (learned it privately with professionel univeristy books). And Geometry is surely more reliable than Accounting.

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Aim high. Your English is clearly outstanding, and unlike 90% of UK undergraduates you obviously have ambition. I'd make the likes of Warwick and St Andrews your first ports of call over BBS. Good luck.
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Iti0087 started this thread In Austria nearly everybody who visits the last year at grammar school has nearly the same English skills like me. I am even not one of the best in my year. There are many others (especially the girls) who are better. I am in the middle-field, not bad, but also not very good.

I am now interested in the course "Accounting & Finance" because nearly every university offers this course and so I have a wider choice and the chance to go to a better university is bigger.
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