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lol spelling jokes are lame
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ukdaytrader started this thread Surely the news feeds and IRC channels count as relevant posts, the wife and kids, I was merely trying to give an insight into my background, and knowing how much everyone makes.........that's got to have some relevance to trading ?
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I don't want to get sucked into another internet dispute; new_trader was being his usual abrasive self in all fairness, but I do agree with the general principle that people who spend more time worrying about how many millions they could make, how many bloomberg screens they could have etc., are setting themselves up to fail.
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Originally Posted by foredog View Post
See if proquote can help you, it'sthe LSE own data system and only!!! £1200 ish a year may be good enough for your TA
proquote is 16 quid a month for L1 or am I missing something?
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just get
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I dont understand what is the problem.. Everyone seems to blame the guy, just because he wants a bloomberg terminal.. WTF!

Is not yours either mine if he can or cannot pay the 1.200 quid a month.. If it is good for him, so go for it..

If i give my opinion about something for someone and the person takes it and do just the opposite i just dont say anything else.. "Wash my hands" as we say back home..

Some people here are funny, seem to be praying to someone fail just to say.. "i told you"..

C`mon kids..

By the way.. I need some good study stuff about trend... besides HH and HL, someone else could show me the way where can I get something interesting about it? I need to learn how to read the behavior of a trend.. And maybe create an "trend detector" to finalize my idea..
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Just the way I like it!

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Actually, until assorted muppets started using it as a sounding board for their childishness, I think this thread was a perfect example of what can be good on T2W. A poster came on to talk about getting a bloomberg terminal. It was obviously way too advanced / feature rich for his needs, and now he has a well specced alternative to look at. People who actually use Bloomberg chimed in and gave sensible advice (mostly). What more do you want?
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