churchill Strauss?

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churchill Strauss?

Has anyone heard of this trading company and got any experiences with dealing with them?
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No but I'd hazzard a guess with a name like that they're scammers.

Have you checked out when the domain name wa first registered, that usually tells you all you need to know. If under 2 years then 90% scam, if under 1 year then 99% scam and if within the last 3 months then 101% scam.

Whois lookup and Domain name search

Be wary, the smooth talking 'brokers' want to steal your money, in fact that's their business model....
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As far as i can find out....I couldn't find any details on webcheck at Companies House for a company named Churchill Strauss.
Their website is and it doesn't appear to have been running very long. The details they send out dont have a signature or named person anywhere on it, just signed "Churchill Strauss".
Other than that i don't know a lot, other than the fact that their trading figures seem excellent. The problem is, paying between £2999 and £10,000 per year (up front i might add) for trading signals seems a lot of money to put down without a name or registered company behind it. If anyone knows any more about this company please post it here.

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olweiser started this thread All I can add here is that I have spoken to a property trader (like myslef) who originally sent me the email about this. the email was labelled (from the property trader) "best thing we have ever done." I'v been following this property company for a few years and have no doubts that they are genuine. I have spoken to the director about this specifically and he tells me that he is making good profits...the problem I had was that he'd only been using their services for 2 months...not long enough for me.

I have there marketing pack here, pretty basic stuff. All this said, and even hearing it first hand, I still think something ain't right....not sure what, but something strong enough to stop me from parting with my money just yet....

Maybe I should ring em!
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Yes good idea. At the end of the day everything you do has an element of risk, but people's tolerances vary. With no company registered, and the rest of the sparse details, many people i have spoken to wouldn't go near it, never mind send so much money away in one go. However its still up to the individual. Post here if you speak to anyone!
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Depends what you call a scam I guess. Looking at the rather poor website, it's about as convincing as any other spread betting system.

I've been in the spread betting game for 10 years, and have yet to see a system like this consistently make money for anyone other than the vendor.

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funny how these companies never have names like Skaggy & Muckhead, Thick****e & Crabs etc.
It's always, Stirling this, Churchill that, Platinum blah blah blah

i'd rather trust an eponymously named company like Mike Hunt
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