Does anybody know about Online Trading Academy?

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Originally Posted by Amy Collier View Post
Sorry my bad DVD's I used the wrong wording.

So what is this free stuff you can get online.
I just see all this stuff for sale.
books, articles, forums, discussion with new and pro traders, sim on a SB

do you want more ???

you can always ask around
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Originally Posted by Educated Trader View Post
I too took the Pro Trader course. If you check out this company you will find that they are a school for traders (new and experienced). They do not come to town, hold a seminar, try to sell you DVD's or software and blow out of town. They have about 30 locations world-wide. The keys to their training is that they hire outstanding instructors. Check out the list of instructors on their website. Stan Ehrlich is going to be the instructor in the Kansas City location on 1/10/09. He has over 30 years of experience and invented the "Ehrlich Cycle Finder". When a student takes a class, they sit in front of computers using a direct access trading platform, they also will trade using Online Trading Academy's money AND the instructor is helping you make your trades. The classes are usually limited to 20 students so you have a lot of time to ask questions from these instructors. At the end of the Pro Trader 7 day class, they ask you to complete a Trading Plan that is sent to the instructor. The instructor reviews the plan and makes comments. The student is also given the contact info for the instructor so you can stay in touch with them as you execute your trading plan....they don't leave you after you take the class. Another real plus is that you can take the class over again for free at any of their locations. This gives you the chance to learn under a different highly experienced instructor. I spoke to a couple of students who graduated from the Pro Trader class last month. One guy who had been trading for 20 years said that he wished that he had taken the class years ago, it would have saved him a lot of money.....a lot more than the tuition. Yes, they offer some DVD's and online advanced classes but their approach to classroom training, trading with their money and under the eye of an experienced instructor has some major advantages.

I noticed on their website that they advertise discount fees from various brokerages up to the point where you are breakeven in terms of course fees v trading commissions. How does this work in reality, do the brokers just bump up the commission before giving you your 'discount' or is it genuine.
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I think you are referring to their tuition reimbursement from certain broker-dealer partners. Certain broker-dealers have an arrangement with OTA to reduce their commissions by as much as 20% if the OTA student signs up with them. Trade Station is one of their partners and from what I have been able to find out Trade Station does NOT bump up their commissions for the OTA students. It is my understanding that Trade Station and the other broker-dealer partners like to have OTA graduates sign up with them because the graduates are more knowledgeable and tend to stay with them longer…..probably because they don’t lose their money and flame out. Makes sense to me. Trade Station will charge the reduced commissions until the total tuition paid to OTA is reimbursed…then the graduate pays full commissions. When someone graduates from OTA’s classes, they are given a certificate to send to the broker-dealer partner. The certificate states that the person is an OTA graduate and how much we paid in tuition for the course. Hope this helps.
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Take a look at this website: Your Trading Coach | Home
At least a very helpful checklist.
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