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Originally Posted by OldTrader1 View Post
Wow I received the same one. Guess Tom wants to borrow someone's ideas and remarket them as his own. Funny that NO Optionetics instructor was willing to show his/her live trade history - hummmm
Ha ha , Give me 30mins and I can give him maybe 8-10 trades that will be successful... and what's funny is if you look at his pictures he's using TD or TOS charts... Maybe I'll tweet him a trade later today... in fact I think I will

"No live trades" - That's because most if not all weren't traders. Lots were just students turned so called instructors. It seemed like once you understood what a Put and Call were you were good to be an instructor for Optionetics, but I don't know what they were good for apart from telling BS. Most never knew how to navigate their so called broker platform of choice (OX) that apparently REAL traders used, let alone their lame way of looking for trades in the useless data missing platform crashing software they were pumping to the na´ve.

It feels like I am the only one that posts in their forum, well myself and a few traders who I suspect will now fall to the wayside now that their monthly group has shut down.
It's A Risky Business
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So I thought I would do as I first thought and send Tom G a tweet... here it is for my amusement...

Lloyd Bradford ‏@Lloyd__Bradford Ě 1m
@tomgentile so many ? in your posts it seems you need a #trade idea, #SELL VERTICAL VMW 100 AUG 14 103/104 CALL @.15 LMT
7:14 PM - 9 Aug 2014

I see he is about to launch a new website/business, he must have woken to the fact his Optionetics is a dead horse and the glory days of ripping people off through it are all but over. I can't help but feel nostalgic when Optionetics is mentioned and talk of such makes me smile thinking about the threatening legal notice and phone calls I received from the managing director when word got out at the Optionetics meetings that I was succeeding and willing to teach others. Good times, great memories... (nods head and smiles) good times...

It's A Risky Business

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This is a great read and deserves to be bumped...so *bump*
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waaaa ha ha ha is he f*ing serious.. 2 days for $15k who in their right mind would pay $15k for 2 days of crap... No one is going to learn squat in 2 days

(quoted from his website)
Live 1 on 1 Mentorship

This 2-day live Mentorship is for the serious minded individual dedicated to becoming a successful trader. Experience is the key to long-term success in the markets and the most effective way to learn is a hands on approach direct from a seasoned option trading professional. Rob has designed this to truly accelerate your abilities to find, execute, and manage trades in the same way he does.

What is included:

- 2-day 1 on 1 mentorship.
- 1 year subscription to our AxiomAlerts..
- 1 year access to the WebSeries and recordings..
- Attendance to 1 OptionAxiom Summit.
- 1 year email & chat support.

What you will learn:

- The strategies and techniques OptionAxiom utilizes.
- How to scan and filter for the top candidates.
- Detailed analysis for changing markets.
- Practical applicaiton and monitoring of positions.

1 on 1 Mentorship

It's A Risky Business
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I'll do the above and guarantee a trading profit so long as someone else buys the beers-my price? Zero-just donate 10% of your profits as a gift
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I used to attend an Optionetics alumni group in central London. I had actually never attended one of their seminars but somehow managed to get in touch with some people who did.

I realised I had learned by self-teaching via some books and internet sites than these guys did by paying $2k (or whatever it was!) for the weekend course.

It's interesting to see all this feedback on optionetics on this thread. Though it doesn't overly surprise me!
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Originally Posted by lloydbee View Post
Today I received an email that made me laugh...

Tom Gentile has invited you to join Twitter!

Accept invitation

NO thanks Tom, not today, not ever. Optionetics is dead, just check out their useless and aging forum.
That is a good one
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