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Best Threads in the 'Forex' Forum

What are ‘Best Threads’ Stickies?
The idea behind ‘Best Threads’ Stickies is to have a thread pinned permanently at the top of every forum with links to threads within that forum that are of real merit with quality content. Listed here is the cream of the crop, the best threads in the Forex forum!

How will they help me?
T2W is a big place and good threads can quickly get lost under a sea of newer ones. The links to the ‘Best Threads’ will save you the hassle of wading through the forum yourself, hoping to find the one that’s filled with pearls of wisdom!

What do I need to know about the list?
Each ‘Best Thread' is accompanied by a short précis outlining what it’s about. Threads don’t appear in any particular order, so the thread at the top of the list isn’t necessarily any better or more interesting than the one at the bottom of the list.

I’ve found a great thread which warrants ‘Best Thread’ status. Can it be added?
Sure! If you know of a great thread within this forum that isn’t listed here, either post your suggestion here or contact timsk Content Manager, with a link to the thread, saying what it’s about and what’s good about it and, all being well, it will be added.

The ‘Best Threads’ in the Forex forum are:
Trading Naked
This isn't what you think! 'Trading naked' is a term used by traders to describe an approach that doesn't rely on indicators. In this thread, we follow the progress of a new trader as he tries to get to grips with price action at the hard right edge.

Correlation Trading - Basic Ideas and Strategies
Correlation is something that every trader should be aware of, this is a good introduction and ongoing analysis of this relationship in forex.

GBP/USD Breakout
A good thread to follow, if you only want to trade in the early hours of the morning, for a set amount of pips. Works most mornings and a great bunch of people to help you understand this simple but effective method.

Phil Newton's Range Break Out strategy
A trading strategy from one of the most magnanimous contributors to T2W.
A simple and effective way of developing your trading skills.

The 3 Duck's Trading System
A simple, logical and highly effective method to help traders follow the trend and identify entry points within the trend.

FXCM/DailyFX Signals and Strategies
Good analysis of the past days trading and events to watch out for over the next few days

BBmac's GBP/USD Thread
An ongoing, in-depth technical analysis for the GBP/USD pair

Live Cable Trading
In this thread, members make live calls on 'Cable' - the term commonly used to describe the GBP/USD currency pair. Voted runner up in the 'Favourite Forum Thread' in the T2W Members' Choice Awards 2005.
I'm New To T2W - Where Do I Start? - a must read for anyone new to T2W
I'm New To TRADING – Where Do I Start? - a must read for anyone new to TRADING
The Trading Plan Template - a must read for anyone without a proper TRADING PLAN

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re: Best Threads in the 'Forex' Forum

I believe that the best system is the one you develope for yourself, which can take a lot of trial and error,until you are satisfied. But then the end results are worth all the effort! I have gone through the process of reading the 'Books,' following the experts, trying so many different methods, systems etc., until I tired of it all and almost gave up. Now I'm glad that I persevered, because I'm now confident with method I'm using. Not a "system" just an approach to trading.
I trade on the 60 minute Candle Charts and use the 30 minutes for possible entry. All that I have infront of me, on my charts, are Price Action (candles) and the "Fibo. Channels." The channels acts as 'support/resistance' levels + trend direction.
I set the Fibo Channels in the direction of the trend on the 60 min. chart and only adjust it when base line (1st Red line) is completely broken.

I guess this is just another version of 'Naked Trading' that works for me! And if this helps anyone along the way, then I'm happy.

I'm not offering advice on how, where and when to trade, because I'm not qualified. I just explaining what works for me, and me alone.

Happy trading to all.
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re: Best Threads in the 'Forex' Forum

Find what works for you and feels comfortable....

Realise that nothing can deliver 100% profitable trades

Mitigate the losers

Optimise the winners

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Among these, correlation strategies were good. The discussion has gone informative on various analyses and also provided numerous basic ideas. Has been an appropriate thread.
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aud chf

On the daily chart, the price is flying like a bird in a hurricane inside an accumulating rage. If it gets out of the range, we are expecting a trendy move.

Click the image to open in full size.
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Smile Re: Best Threads in the 'Forex' Forum

Best trading is that which comforts you and there is always risk in the trade as no trade is gonna give you 100% profit. Be Optimistic!!!
Happy Trading to all!!!
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eur cad

On the H4 chart by having the price reached to 1.4450 area the shark harmonic pattern will be formed and its time will be fulfilled till August 25th an we are expecting a jump up if the condition become well enough.

Click the image to open in full size.
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