Im New To TRADING Where Do I Start?

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Re: Im New To TRADING Where Do I Start?

Honestly, something I tell people starting out is to put your trade on and use whatever stop you use for your target and see which gets hit (this helps to determine whether your analysis is good). Work on finetuning analysis and then you can focus on order management. Too many new traders take profits very fast and let losers run which ends up being a bad thing for your account value over time. Also don't feel like you have to get started trading live too soon. Learn, practice and take time analyzing before just jumping into the market. Too many new traders start trading live, lose money on click errors or mental mistakes that they would never make after a few months experience so take it slow.
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Re: Im New To TRADING Where Do I Start?

Start by reading the attachment. You don't have to agree, but I trust it will at least open your eyes ! If it looks to good to be true, then it is!

I wish you heaps of mental strength!


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Re: Im New To TRADING Where Do I Start?

Originally Posted by market_bull View Post
Great thread. Thanks for all the advices and resources. It still feels like a heck of a daunting thing to learn.
Make sure you get set up with a good computer system. There is a free guide that offers advice on what to look for:
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Re: Im New To TRADING Where Do I Start?

Originally Posted by hmaster101 View Post
Hey am new here but was just wondering where I am wrong on this strategy. Find a big market/share moving event. Put 50 on short shares with a stop loss of -3% and put 50 on long shares with a stop loss of -3%. Then when the share moves 10% u make 10% on the long shares and -3% on the short shares = Profit of 7%
Thks guys!
There are MANY ways to make money in the stock market. Can you make money with a straddle like strategy? Sure. Could you just as easily lose money doing it? Sure. Give it a shot. The biggest problem is someone tries a strategy that's not for them and their psychological make up. That's where you have problems.

Like some traders like to jump around like a jackal. Some guy comes along and tells them they should swing trade and so they try it and blow up at it. There a jackal. Trying to be a swing trading monkey doesn't work for them. It's not that the strategy is bad, it's more that it doesn't match their temperament.

So know thyself as the old Buddhist cliche goes. Try different strategies until you find one that matches your temperament and lifestyle and then stick with it until you become a master of it. Absolutely you can make money with hedging like strategies.
Amateurs Focus On How Much Money They Can Make If Only... Professionals Focus On How To Lower Risk
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Re: Basically yes.

Originally Posted by fayalac View Post
The most important tip you could never get if really want to start trading is PATIENCE, go steady.
I just wanted to comment that fayalack is completely correct in being patient on developing the skill to be a successful trader.

Patience is essential because when you're starting out you don't know what you don't know. And, not knowing what you don't know can get set you back in being a trader and patience can help you avoid all that.

Best of luck and good trading.

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Re: Im New To TRADING Where Do I Start?

I feel there are 3 things you need to make it as a trader:

1. A sound education in the fundamentals of the market you will trade
2. A genuine and honest handle on your unique personal psychology
3. An approach to trading your chosen market based on and tailored to the preceding point

There are many places to learn the above, and these forums are a great place to start. One other thing that you will need to learn ABOUT this learning is to be a bit discriminatory: there's a lot of crap and a lot of dishonesty out there. Keep your antennae up, keep the above three points in mind and good luck!

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Re: Im New To TRADING Where Do I Start?

At the end of the day it all comes down to price, and price is where you need to start. Pick your market, pick your product and start observing the price movements. Start picking out patterns. Count how many times the price behaves in a manner you expect. Count how many times it behaves contrary to your expectation. Create a trading plan based on the probabilities you have observed, accounting for profit targets (exiting with profit) and for cutting losses (exiting with loss). Test your trading plan with market data. The more test trades you do, the more accurate your results will be. Doing five or ten trades tells you nothing. If you are showing a net profit at the end of a sufficient test, you are ready to trade with real money. If you are showing a net loss you need to tweak your method and test again.

You may use other people's methods to get ideas, but ultimately you must create your own method and do your own testing.

Any method you choose must always account for many, many times the market will move against you. Trading is the art of balancing the losses against the wins so that over time you are net positive. The unexpected can and will happen many times. You cannot let such events take big hits on your trading capital. You must take your losses as soon as you realize the price movement is unexpected. On the opposite side, you must identify high-probability winning scenarios and let them run their course - these are the trades that make up your losses and additionally add profit to the table.
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Re: Im New To TRADING Where Do I Start?

An opinion regarding where to start:
- decide what you will trade:
- stocks
- futures
- stock options
-futures options,
- FOREX, etc,

- decide if you will trade full time or part time;

- decide what type of trader you want to be:

- scalping
- swing
- position

- decide which markets will trade - US, UK, etc (you can trade almost any US market without living in US or UK, etc.);

- decide on what exchanges will trade (example: CME/GLOBEX).

- become familiar with the markets you will trade, for example if you decide to trade NQ, learn the contract specifications (symbol, tick value, trading hours, expiration date, last trading day, rollover, etc).

- become familiar with the types of trading orders;

- decide what trading platform you will use, for example the well known Ninja Trader;

- decide what broker will use;

- learn a trading strategy, test it, trade on a demo account and only after that start trading a live account;

- do not depend blindly on a software because most indicators are lagging; the most important are:
- the price and the trend
- support/resistance areas
- chart patterns and formations

- avoid low volume markets or markets with daily limits;

- forget the old and wrong idea that price and time must be together on a chat because what we trade is THE PRICE, use Mean Ranko or Haiken Ashi charts to eliminate some of the market noise, just test for yourself to see the difference;

- must have a trading plan which will include risk management and trade management

Have a successful trading.
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