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Hi all, Elaine here. I've just started paper trading again after many years. I'm looking to trade US stocks mainly so I'll be pouring through the forums and articles to find a good trading platform and information about where to do fundamentals research. My old trading platform (MyTrack) seems to have disappeared and the website I used for fundamentals (Smartmoney) seems to have been taken over by MarketWatch and the new look info is nowhere near as user friendly.

Where does anyone else go to do fundamentals on US stocks?
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Hi, all my name is Saleh Shiffa, been trading FX 6 years now..... I blew my account 3 times 20k, 10k, 5k within 1 Year of Starting....... I am happy to say, i have been making consistent profit for 4 solid years now!! ...I am here to meet community that have the same interest.. I have developed a system that works for me, and has never let me down... anyone interested in trading with me or share there experience i am here....Thanks
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Senior Business Development Manager here to interact with Fx Traders

Hello Beautiful People,

This is Biswajit. I am in the forex industry for last 9 years. I am passionate about forex trading. I started as a rookie trader, learned my trading the usual hard way by burning my Accounts Then I kept on working, researching on the chart, testing indicators and there came a time I started making profit. It was good for many months. As I was too much in love with the Forex Industry I decided to get deeper and I joined as Senior Business Development Manager of a huge forex broker.

Now, I am very happy as on a daily basis I am able to talk with traders of all kind from newbie to professional traders, from $100 Account Traders to $50000 Account Traders because of my job.

I have clients from many countries, of different account size, and experience level in my Portfolio. I am here to share my experience with fellow forex people and grow together.

Any questions anyone has related to trading or forex industry please feel free to ask me here.

Happy Weekend
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Hey folks,

I'm from London UK
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Good morning all,

I signed up to T2W a few days ago following some recommendations in my research. I am relatively new to trading and know I have a long old way to go, but following on from reading several books, reviewing charts and market activity and gaining an early understanding of what creates price movement, I thought it was a good time to get involved with the community and hopefully discuss some of my own learning as well as soak up some of the knowledge available here.

To give some background, I am currently a practicing Structural Engineer who has been in the industry for 9 years, though I have had an interest in trading from my early twenties. My goal is to eventually move into full-time trading, to ensure that I can spend as much time with my fiancee (soon to be wife) and prospective family as possible.

I have recently immersed myself in research, particularly oriented toward TA, including reading of books by well known TA traders, reading and listening to interviews with successful traders, as well as (of course), studying charts & live data feeds. I have just written my first strategy and I am just about to start backtesting to verify that it can meet my Success & Sharpe Ratios to confirm that it fits my R/R ratio. Once this has been completed & verified, I will undertake some forward testing to ensure that the strategy remains acceptable for my risk strategy moving forward.

I would eventually like to create some basic algorithms to implement my strategy to take the emotional element away from my trading, but I am a long way off this.

Anyway, I assume you have all seen this hundreds of times, so I'll shut up now!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to getting involved in the community.

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The Staff are paid members employed by T2W to perform some specific role such as editorial, advertising or technical work.
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Sharky started this thread Welcome @AhmUgEk, thanks for taking the time to write a decent intro!
* New to the site? Introduce yourself. Before posting don't forget to read our Community Constitution
* New to trading? Ask a question in the First Steps forum
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hi i am new in forex trading,please i need your help to succed in this market
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Hi All,
I'm Gustavo from the Cayman Islands! New to the forum and just wanted to say hello!
Wondering if most people here are professional full time traders.
My trading interest is in US equity markets. Would love to hear what markets you guys trade!
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Hi, beautiful people
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Hi guys, it's Tang Qi. Hope I can meet some friends here.
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Hello everyone.

i am frens deep and i am new member here...
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Hi.. I am Mohammad Arafat..... trading in market since 2007.... Blew my account in early days.... Still learning and trading
Always use stoploss
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Hello guys ,am a beginner in this business, i need help to succeed
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Hi Members,
I am a senior banker and now working in financial planning industry. Due to health issues, I don't find strength to do 9-5 job.
That's why seeing Forex trading as a source to get an income stream.
I would be thankful if any senior member can guide me about most efficient resource/course or Training through which I can understand all the aspects of Forex trading as new comer.
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