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re: Introduce Yourself

hello everyone

new to t2w. Want to learn ta.

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re: Introduce Yourself

My name is Gef, I traded bond options at the CBoT for quite a few years, I traded futures spreading electronically and traded a bond Portfolio for a few years, I have looked at this site before but did not sign up. I currently live and work in Dublin
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re: Introduce Yourself

Hi Mark best introduced by pasting a recent post on FBook:

Hi Mark here from NZ. I thought I would make comment on the LTG conference I attended for the last couple of days in Melbourne, and in a word - impressive! I have been involved in FX for 3 yrs and trading by myself live for the last year. I am certainly not a seasoned trader [yet] and at the same time no newbie. I joined LTG last month and in addition to what seems like a novelty these days of learning FX in a classroom setting I also wanted to attend the conference to see firsthand the organisation and the people involved in LTG that I intend investing my FX career with. Not that there was any compelling doubt, it’s just that sometimes I like people more than computers! I must admit I had high expectations and I can unreservedly say they were surpassed. The information/education was well presented, stimulating and comprehensive, and at the same time catering for every level. Add to that there was a genuine friendly, helpful feeling throughout the entire two days and if you can excuse the overused term it felt like ‘family’. I made a point of talking to as many people as possible from demo traders to traders making notable returns and particularly the later had nothing but praise for LTG and to me that speaks volumes. The value for me from the two days was realising my path is the right one, something a lone trader can find a challenge and that past experience counts. The nugget though was a knowing that my goals and vision became that much more of a reality. These views I know I share and if I can add congratulations LTG on a very successful inaugural Training Conference. I can highly recommend this event to all comers. Thanks again Mark
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re: Introduce Yourself

Been trading for many years. Based in Hong Kong until 2010 and now back in London. Was a trainer in Forex.
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re: Introduce Yourself

Hi Folks,
Trading for several years and still looking for the Holy Grail. Am I on the right forum for that? (as if it even exsists?) I have learned over the years that the simple little trading tidbits, that one can pick up and start applying can make a lot of difference in my success. The biggest lesson I learned over the years was to size the trade to match the account size. In my years as a broker, both commodity and stock, I have seen many accounts destroyed by not following this simple mathematical process.
I'm always looking to improve my Trading, and who knows where just one good trading idea might come from. I Thank You All in advance for all the good stuff I have seen on this forum. I'm bound to pick up something worthwhile here. Thanks for reading.
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re: Introduce Yourself

Hai All,
Its great to meet all of you here.
I need your guidance for my day trading.
Let me have a look at all your experiences narrated in this forum.
I'll post my questions and contributions soon.
Happy trading to all.....

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re: Introduce Yourself

Hello trade2win members,

I'am a newbie. Interested in learning forex for the past 6 months. Still into mt4 demo account not into real one yet. Got a long way to go before start with the real stuff.. Very happy to join this group and hope you guys especially seniors, the kings of forex trading, founders of the holy grails can guide and teach me the tricks, tips and methods in mastering my skills in forex trading before I start trading live. Thanks in advance for your kindness in this..

Cheers to T2W..!!
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re: Introduce Yourself

I am relatively new to trading (less than 1 year). Mainly have been trying to educate myself. Now i am trying to get information on developing a trading plan.

I am interested in learning all that I can to become a successful trader - mainly to provide an income so that I can ease my way into retirement.
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