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Hello zzaxx99

A quick hello from me aswell I'm a trader from Sweden with ambition and dreams in life. I see trading as the perfect tool for me to reach my future goals. I do admit that I might be driven by greed but in the other hand, who isn't ? We're all here to make money aren't we ? However, greed is a factor that doesn't affect my daily trades. It's all about your principles.

I think I will find many like-minded traders on this site and I look forward to eat off all the knownledge trade2win has to offer.

See you around!
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Greetings, all.

I am Chan, just joined the site. Look forward to making some contribution to the site.
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well its into the lions den for me, just signed up with Capital Spread in London and had a play on their demo account today, made £1,000 virtual money watching gold. That said I have bought and sold physical gold coins for a while. I have read the instructions and it seems very straight forward to me, however us private punters are not in the city and not privy to rumours going round. that said common sense says that if you look around you quickly enough you can sense what to long or short. I think timing is the essence because in a short space of time a share becomes fully priced as the rest realise whats going on. I'll be punting on longs for discount retailers and even the old holiday camps in the uk, shorts on luxury goods manufacturers, Ryanair may be a short as their uk trade is going to suffer from leisure travellers, it matters not if it costs very little to get to your destination, but costs a fortune when you get their. I think this crises is being played down, the president of the IMF reported yesterday that they will run out of money within 6 months and Poland is the next expected country to go cap in hand. ED Balls, said he thought this recession " Read Depression" will be the worst for a 100 years, so that means worse than the 1930's, a CBI report says 40% of Uk companies have laid off workers in the last couple of months. All my freinds and associates are cutting back on leisure spending, holidays and targetting local markets or low cost retailers like Aldi......just keep your eyes open

Regards to all and I shall enjoy the site

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I am alex new to forex. I heared good things about a trading system called FIE(Forex Income Engine). Is there any one who has idea about this system or its set ups, trading rules etc. Is there any way I can access it free online. I understand it is expensive but I have seen many genourous people out there who want to help others by sharing there trading systems. I have been told there are hudreds of free trading systems out there online but the problem is to find out which system is better than others.

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mark from chicago newbie, traded on cboe for 22 years before moving upstairs just found this forum, looks good, i'll be looking at it every day now, hello to everyone and good trading
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new member

Hello all,

I just found this forum and decided to join. I've been trading stocks for a few years now and am looking to improve my success rate. This last year has been very hard. I am looking into learning options and would like people's recommendations re courses, books, freebie websites, etc. Also I would like to hear if anyone has strong feelings about companies to avoid.

Looking forward to your replies. Thanks.
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Let me introduce myself

Hi I'm Alan and am completely new to trading, I hope to glean valuable insights before embarking on what I know will be a profitable exercise.
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I`ve been practice trading for a while now (1 year on and off), spending most of my free time reading up on diferent forex trading topics, starting from babypips, to forex for dummies, etc. I`ve been very succesfull on my practice accounts ever since I started, and found it to be so odd because of the so very high returns, that I`ve reached the point of doubting the legitimacy of practice accounts, if anyone can tell me if this is a scam to wheel people into putting real money on the line, or if returns are really so high, or if its simply risk aversion the diference between how you can make money on practice accounts VS real accounts. I still haven`t opened a real account, mostly because I knew before how volatile monetary markets are, and have been even more doubtful after going deeper into forex info.
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