Unfashionable Advice

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Unfashionable Advice

As a disciplined trader - you act. Without thought. Without second thought. Without looking back. - ASC

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hello mate, is it possible to develop the characterstics without having exposure of the experience which leads to characteristic awareness/development? you did it the hard way ? according to whom? how did your mentor develop himself ? somebody elses way or his own ?

And do you now regret trading as if you listened to your mentor you wouldn't of bothered trying?? Maybe i'm looking at in skewed but in your case it makes sense to ignore mentors and find out for yourself?

look forward to your next piece

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This thread has the potential to become intensely fascinating.

I did not have a Mentor, but had I had one I seriously doubt I would have taken any other course
than the one that I stumbled along.

You see, everyone one of us must duck and dive through all sorts of minefields before it begins to dawn that there is only the H/L/O/C and perhaps volume. In continuous markets the O is useless and in forex, I have yet to see accurate volume.

Once you have began to see the figures through less than rose tinted glasses, you then run into the biggest variable in the whole game ... namely yourself and this is where things become very interesting.
Never argue with an Expert - they drag you down to their level - then subject you to their inexperience.
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Thanks an enjoyable and insightful read. Im only a beginner in currency trading and am quickly becoming aware of the task that lay ahead, (not that it daunts me, on the contrary infact). I look forward to the next installment.
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This thread is going to become JfTB part 2. Mark my words.
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There is not much to remember about trading basics, support and resistance can be very precise. The question is ....when does a person realise this? When does an individual get with the whole programme?

What does an individual need to know? Is it not all there? What are these people thinking?

My advice coincides with the title of this thread. Surely not?

I'll try. Just for the benefit of people who can't put posts together. For anybody else.....you'll have to bear with me.

If you can't, put me on ignore. That will suit you better.

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Any chance you could do one post at a time rudeboy? It makes a difference when reading/printing.

Duly merged :-) frugi
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