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This is a discussion on Boiler Room Scams within the Educational Resources forums, part of the Commercial category; Just as gooseman says. If in doubt, go without....

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Just as gooseman says.

If in doubt, go without.
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drbeckett you shouldn't even be asking these questions. I can imagine the $ signs in your eyes already - this is exactly what these cold callers are praying on - greed and the fact you don't want to pass up a perceived good opportunity.

No reputable establishment will EVER cold call you.

Take goosemans advice and save yourself a lot of money.

Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend,
inside of a dog, it's too dark to read. -- G Marx.
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Yep Dr Beck we're being cruel to be kind here. 99% chance you're being setup and told a lot of nonsense so the 'broker' can get your money and then steal it.

Stay away but if you do invest any money and lose it then don't say you weren't warned......
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Originally Posted by topslice View Post
Did anybody go for the Loan Note for Claim Tracker ( CTL Digital UK)
ANybody know how to contact Kieth Wright, Director of CTL Digital UK
Where did you send the money to? was it a UK bank, if so you might have a chance of getting some of it back or at least finding out more details. But if you sent it to an offshore bank then 99% chance it's been stolen.

Sorry, but everyone MUST learn to do their research and due diligence before dealing with strangers and cold callers......

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Nope, we're not going to laugh at you, I don't think anyone acts like that on this thread. Perhaps we're cruel to be kind some of the time but being firm I think helps people in the future.

Anyway, yes chances are you've lost you money and have bought either non-existant shares or ones which are worthless. However, you've only lost £2,000 which is in the scheme of things not a lot of money and is not life-changing. Some people have been taken for £100,000's so in that respect count yourselves lucky.

So what to do? Well first report the matter to the City of London Police's 'Operation Archway' who are collecting all sorts of information on the scammers - City of London Police - Boiler room

Second, write the loss off. It's gone, been stolen and most probably spent on the high life by the thieves.

Third - LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES and never trust anyone ever again when it comes to investing money or loaning money or whatever UNLESS you have fully checked them out. One way to do this is by using the internet and message boards like this. But even then if the person trying to get hold of your money is promising 'easy profits' then chances are it's a scam because scammers love to prey on the natural greed that all of us have.

Hope this helps and good luck
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you know its fuuny.................having been ashamed enough to admit i have been involved in this industry, i find it remarkable that you guys would even deal over the phone via a cold call. having just looked up the wikipedia defo of a boiler room it quotes we sit joul to joul in very very bad conditions...............nothing my friends could be far from the truth. we bathed ,in the past tense, in cocaine and massivly expensive meals and other freebies. this a multi million dollar industry............make no mistake. god we even had free accomodation chucked in for good measure..............this is no longer the high pressure business you think it is. there all sorts of ways to get round i said im done with all this my morals well i just cant do this anymore...............anyone wanna mail me all welcome
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First shame on you for being nothing but a dirty thief and wrecker of many lives, especially the older people who have no way of getting out of the financial problems you caused.

Having said that at least you have a conscience and have left the business. But why don't you do something worthwhile and send an unsigned letter to the Police with ALL the details you know, (real) names, banks, addresses etc. If you do that I think you should be able to live with yourself a bit better. It's one thing stealing from companies or people that can afford it to live the high life but another to totally wreck lives by thieving off the average man in the street.

And you say 'there are all sorts of ways around things', I would have agreed with you in the past but the Police here in the UK and some in Government are really pissed off right now so the rules have changed for the scammers. Before you were virtually untouchable because everyone used the excuse that the 'fraud wasn't committed in our country'. But the weak link is the money trail that you'll always leave and that's what they're going after and they will succeed in bringing some of thw bosses down as has recently been proved by that guy in Forida who's looking at about 100 years.........

So again, do the right thing and send that information in, then what you did might not have been in vain........
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my husband bought lots of shares over the years from Global Resources Advisors which we think was based in Barcelona does anyone know anything about them as they are no longer accessable.
Beware we have been cold called in the last week from a Andrew Thomas another name given was Andrew Mc Laren calling themselfs Security Advisory Group Telephone 001 707 324 3806
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I've been getting calls from Clark Dodge from New York.
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Aggie - STEER CLEAR of them. They're only calling you because you were a good prospect in the past.

Or, if you want to mess them around play along, say you'll invest and then get their banking details then pass this information on to the Police - City of London Police - Boiler room and hopefully they'll be able to freeze the account with money still in it. That will mean 2 things, 1) the scammers won't be able to get hold of the money and b) it will most probably get returned to its rightfull owners.
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I think Goosemans advice is as sound as it gets. The problem is, it's like telling somebody to stop smoking. They know it makes sense to stop but still carry on smoking.
If you need to satisfy that niggling doubt that you are missing an opportunity try a few of the other checks which have been suggested on this site. Does it come up as a withheld number on your mobile when they call? Are they registered with the FSA? Can you call the person back and get through? Usually a telephone operator takes your number because the person is 'busy' and they call back. Do they want you to send money offshore? If they cold called you it is a scam, it's just a question of whether you stop it now or lose any money you send them. Take Goosemans advice.
Originally Posted by drbeckett View Post
I've been cold called yet again by an outfit called Sparamatrix trying to get me to buy pre-float shares (in Australia I think). They say they have the only system on the market today which has the capacity to meet all the requirements of the USA "Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act 2002". They provide a fair bit of data and links which of course seem genuine but I'm always suspicious these days. Does anyone know anything that I don't? Here's some info they sent me.........


SpartaMatrix Inc.

• Please click on “About Us” for Corporate and Executive info

• Please click on “Products” for Services and Product info

• Please click on “Links” to see our Clients / Partners / Resources

• Please click on “Investor” for Highlights / IR Library &
Shareholders FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

• Please click on “Contact Us” for Corporate Office Locations
__________________________________________________ _________

Australian Financial Registration

ASIC Free Company Name Search

 Type in SpartaMatrix in “Organization Name”

 Please click on “Search”

 Result will show ASIC Registration
__________________________________________________ _________

Member of the Australian Technology Showcase

ATS - Home Page

US Homeland Security Directory

Homeland Security Companies

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A while back I was scammed into buying 20000 shares in a company called Neupara by WRG (WorldWideResearchGroup) trading out of Brussels. Then all went quiet for six months. Neupara dissappeared as did the trader that had callled me. Suddenly, they are back on the phone with a brilliant offer! Neupara have been joined up with Praxis Communications and then bought out by Clean Coal Technologies. There is now a bid on the table (letter of intent and all that) for Clean Coal Tech which will allow Neupara share holders to get out at $8/share ( I paid $2 12 months ago). However, to do this, I have to increase my holding as only those who hold enough shares to be in 'tier 3' will benefit from this. I need to purchesa a further 8,400 shares in Clean Coal Tech at $1.80 to get into this tier 3.
Double whammy?

Peopel calling me are Dominic Lawson and Derek McKenzie (Lawson predominantly)
The transfer agent is New York Manhattan.
Escrow agent(?) is Equity Connections.

Clean Coals Exec director has never heard of Praxis or Neupara, Praxis Communications haven't heard of Neupara (although there is a Praxis website that is identical to the Neupara website.

I'm sure its a double whammy, and I'm sure I would loose the extra £7.5K. Its bad enough loosing the initial £20K.

The Belgian authorities sent out a warning no so long back saying that WRG aren't authorised to trade, and that they have a ficticious address.

Any thoughts or knowledge out there?
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Meant to also ask,

Is it possible to see the letter of intent from the prospective purchaser to verify this proposed deal?
Any monkey can make up a story saying there is a big buy out looming and create interest where none should exist.
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Mishka if as you say you cant scam people anymore,why dont you report what you know to the FSA and the london police and maybe it might help people like me and others who have been scamed out of our life savings, we are pensioners in our 70s and we hoped to help our children especially our eldest daughter who came out of a violent marriage and could do with the money , to help her and her lovely children in the furture . Maybe it will make you think a bit about what you all have done to other peoples lives
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Originally Posted by Lee Shepherd View Post
Can you confirm some more specific details like:

Company number
Full title of company
Address of company
Purchase date and price
Volume of order

There are many different small/medium and large firms out there over the years that use ATS as an abreviation/title for there company so more info would be needed if you would like me to take a look on your behalf.

As for Oxbridge International: forget it.

We've already been warned a long time ago back in 22nd November 2005.

You'll also find some useful links on this page to aid you in the buying process in future.

As with buying anything, do your due diligence first.

Lee Shepherd.

Theres a very popular saying in Texas, you've probably heard it before....Fool me once, shame on, shame you. Fool me twice then shame on....well, a fooled man cant get fooled again.
Hi Lee

The company was ATS Specialists Inc
Registered in Florida
I bought 10k of shares USD 50k (US5 per share) in July and June 2006
Address (though only from their web site):
13899 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 141
North Miami Beach , FL 33181

Any help with this would be appriecated.
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