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Which are different time zones in US and how to establish UK time with respect to that time zone?I noticed some good live workshops -free- on Bettertrades and zone mentioned was EST. I am quite confused and donot know what will be time in UK. Please help. Thanks


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EST is 5 hours behind GMT and now BST. ie at midday in the uk it will be 7am on the East Coast.

Central time is 6 hours behind, and the west coast 8 hours behind.

hope this helps.



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EST is also known as ET or just 'Eastern', and is five hours behind the UK.

The only exception to this is for a one-week period after we change our clocks in the spring and autumn. That's because in the UK we change our clocks one week before North America does.

ET is the time used by New York, and therefore the NYSE, Nasdaq, and Globex (even though Globex is in Chicago and a different time zone).


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Last autumn they changed at the same time


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Its currently EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)
just to be awkward :cheesy: Bring back the days when everything was Zulu...

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