UBER to be a starshooter 2019 ? (IN/OUT strategy)


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I'm new here and I would like to build up a new foothold with trading for the time being and would first have usd 10,000 for use. Have already read many informative "first steps" / or fundamentals and will necessarily continue to do so.

In order to get some money rather fast if possible at this stage, I am thinking of the IPO of UBER (probable march 2019).
My strategy should be short term: "IN / OUT".
I have already looked at charts of so many new issues, which are not all "starshooter" and move with small price increases sideways with only slight increases.

Inspired by "IN / OUT" strategy, I recently had an eye on IPO of NIO (Tesla competitor), which almost doubled its listing value within 3 days. NIO is not at all comparable to Tesla's company structure, and the rapid stock performance of NIO must have been a kind of hype of e-cars future-obsessed.

Exactly such a hype I expect also for UBER (as app chauffeur-ordered cars in competition to taxi). Even after almost 10 years (startup ) Uber says another 3 years needed for breakeeven. With increasing expansion in turnover and losses, UBER has already burned about 10 billion and expects to take in 120 billion US dollars on the US stock exchange.

Michael Grimes (Morgan Stanley Bank) will pull out all he can to bring these big tech companies to the stock market. He has already made Facebook, Linkedin, Google, and dozens of other tech companies public companies.
(„Uber Driver May Drive Uber IPO“ https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2018-10-18/uber-driver-may-drive-uber-ipo

In particular, Michael Grimes will try to drive the hype that he suggests to potential investors, within a few years a fleet of UBER cars would be able to chauffeur fully autonomously and significantly undercut any taxi fare.
Although UBER already undercuts taxi fares already significantly (about 25-40% cheaper), but such private UBER-driver rarely can make a living by their earnings, so 75% of those do already quit within the first year (in the US even about 65% already gone within 6 months, which often do receive a small starter fee).

Why UBER hype?
I think Michael Grimes will emphasize the fully autonomous chauffeuring in the future as profitable at the same time cheaper than taxi, simply because it is very plausible. As a result, investors could tend for opportunity to put their money in.

Now 120 billion is quite a big bunch, which will probably not come much true without institutional investors.
Unless UBER has a near-monopoly on the market, I can’t image for profitability and consider the fully autonomous chauffeur service to be rather science fiction.
Do you think institutional investors are as easy being blinded as private investors ?
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