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George Angell Trade For A Living 2 Day Inner Circle Workshop Home Study Course:
Contents: System Design, Using the LSS Oscillator, Formulas Worksheet for LSS, Developing a Simple Day Trading System Part 1 & 2, Short Term Trading, Intermediate Term Trading, Seasonal Patterns, Developing Simple Long Term Trading System, Options Instead of Futures. 335 Pages with 8 VHS Videos.
$495.00 o.b.o

John Person Stocks, Futures, Forex: A one hundred and fifty page workbook plus 2 one hour CD that will help you learn the best method to profit on your short term investments. This could be one of the best short term methods and one of the best approaches for trading Today's Markets. $175.00 o.b.o

Larry Levin Secrets of Floor Traders, the Floor Traders System: The information inside The Secrets of Floor Traders Course is designed to teach you insider secrets that professional floor traders have been using to make money for years. This course/seminar would be best suited for: Beginners interested in trading. Published in, 2001. Part 1 and 2 and Emotion Free Trading & 2 VHS Videos. Great Strategies for S&P and Mini S&P some highlighting and notes in manuals. $495.00 o.b.o

CEO Larry Connors TradingMarkets now uses this short-term strategy to trade equities. And now, for the very first time, You will be taught Larry's Windows Strategy on the very same training module he used to train his private trader with this Interactive CD Trading Module! $175.00 o.b.o

Dave Landry's Complete Swing Trading Stocks Course Applying My Best Patterns and Strategies in the Real World5 CD + 500+ pages Manual. Retails for $695.00 Contact me at [email protected] and will send course description. $295.00 o.b.o

Kevin Haggerty's most powerful and explosive strategies so that you can identify high-probability reversal zones. Advanced, intermediate and new traders will all benefit from this Sequence Trading Course as will professional money managers and longer-term investors. You can apply Sequence Trading to stocks, E-minis, Forex, commodities, mutual funds and bonds whether you trade intraday, swing trade or trade in the intermediate-term time frame. See course description click on link. CD is in jewel case my dog chewed up the original CD jacket. $195 o.b.o

Day Trading With Short Term Price Patterns and Opening Range Breakout (Hardcover)
by Toby Crabel
$495.00 o.b.o Good Condition jack cover missing.

John Carter 5-Minute Pivot Entry Strategy CD-ROM training Module!
In this module, I will go through and detail my exact trading plans for using multiple pivot levels. I have provided an exact replica of one of my own trading strategies for you to study. Second, by writing out each step in this educational type format, I have reinforced my own trading methodology and have made it even better. Give yourself a blueprint from which to operate. $75.00 o.b.o

Hubert Senters' Squeeze Play CD-ROM training Module!
The method I'm going to teach you is not your average high-risk gunslinger type strategy. That's not the type of trader I am.. I treat trading just like a business because that's exactly what it is. In the business/entrepreneur world you are making money or you are losing money just like trading. In this module you will learn how I use specific entries and profit targets to achieve my trading goals. I know I'm not going to make money every day or even every week. I have, however, devised a plan that makes me take smaller losses and allows me to pull a consistent monthly profit from the market by utilizing the 3-strike rule that we will go over in detail later in this module. $75.00 o.b.o

Laurence Connors and Greg Che, Trading Connors VIX Reversals you will learn 10 strategies to trade the VIX. Five of these strategies have never been published before! Over the past 8 1/2 years, Connors VIX Reversals have correctly predicted the direction of the S&Ps approximately 65% of the time within a two- to three-day period. Some of these indicators have correctly predicted the market direction nearly 70% of the time, for more information.
$175.00 o.b.o.

Tools and Tactics for the Master Day Trader: Battle-Tested Techniques for Day, Swing, and Position Traders [Hardcover] Oliver Velez (Author), Greg Capra (Author)
$19.00 + 3.99 S&H Excellent Condition.

Intelligent Futures Trading [Hardcover] Chick Goslin (Author)
$10.00 + 3.99 S&H Excellent Condition

Larry Williams Secrets to Stock Investing and Seasonal Trend of the DOW 30 work books. 3 VHS’s (Plus 2 Money Tree VHS Videos) Larry Williams
1. Beating the Bank,
2. Beat the Market Beat the Broker, and When to Sell,
3. Beat the Short Term Odds, Seasonal Trend of the Dow 30 Money Management System.
Some Highlighting in the Workbooks
$25.00 + 3.99 S&H Good Condition.

3 Options Trading Books 1.Paul Judd’s Options for the 21st Century Workbook 187 pages with 2 VHS Videos. The Basics on Commodity Options Trading. 2. Getting started in Options Michael C Thomsett Paperback 3rd edition. The Four Biggest Mistakes in Options Trading by Jay Kaeppel all for $35.00 + 6.99 S&H Excellent Condition.

George Angell’s SNIPER home study course 36 Strategies for Profit. More info below.
and Richard Arms The Arms Index
$375.00 o.b.o

Optionetics by George Fontanills and Tom Gentile Home Study Course:Options Course Manual 500+Pages
Wealth Without Worry 300+Pages
Optionetics Strategy Vacation into Money Machine 95pages
Can’t Lose Trading Strategies for Stocks and Commodities 46pages
Creating the Optimal Trade for Explosive Trading Profits VHS Video
Using Signal & Successful Trading Strategies with George Fontanills VHS Video
Mazimize Your Profits with OptionStation from Omega Research Inc. VHS Video
Guide to Computerized Trading Volume 1 and 2 VHS Video
Welcome to Optionetics Get Started for home study course VHS Video
George Fontanills On Low-Risk Trading VHS Video
$495.00 o.b.o

Charlie F. Wright Trading as a Business: Eight hours on audio cassette and 182 page book on system trading to make it a business. $25.00 + 3.99 S&H.
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