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skills, knowledge, and especially
Next sessions preplan: abn, ib, sc, tele2
2.calendar impact : economic, after hours, weekend, holliday
3.overnight SMH/NO: fixed time => range, liquidity assesment
4.strategic SMH : fixed volume => objective signal tests

Real-time extraction:
4.strategic SMH : fixed volume => objective signal test
5.tactical SMH/I/Q : fixed time => objective correlation tips
6.operational SMH : fixed range => objective technical stops
7.micro timing SMH/NQ : orderbook => objective momentum clocking

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium​
AMD Athlon X2 5200+ Dual Core CPU
4096MB Corsair DDR II 667 Memory – Unbelievable!
960GB SATA II Seagate Data Storage – RAID Stripe – Ultimate Performance!
NEC 7170 Multi Format DVD/CD ReWriter – The Fastest!
ATI Radeon 640MB PCI Express Triple Monitor Graphics
ASUS Deluxe Motherboard
Sony Floppy Disk Drive
3 x 19” TFT DVI & VGA 8MS Flat Panel Screens
Microsoft Wireless Multimedia Keyboard
Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse
Creative Inspire 5800 5.1 Speaker System
12 x USB2 Ports


What can you do to try and stay on top of the stress so it doesn't affect your health, happiness, or waistline?

Exercise. Amen for endorphins. Believe me, they've helped me many days with my perspective. If you have to work out, then go take a brisk walk and get that blood flowing. It isn't about working out to lose weight -- it's about being healthy and staying sane.

Eat the real stuff. Crappy food (fast, processed, and loaded with sugar) doesn't help your chemical brain and body handle stress. Living food, real food, helps support your mind and body while it's trying to deal with the million things coming its way. Every time I reach for the chocolate, I'm looking to feel something from it. Don't get me wrong -- if it's just a little here and there because I enjoy the taste of it, great. But if I'm using it the minute I feel overwhelmed, then that's when that food is no longer OK to eat. It doesn't make the problem go away, and then I just feel bad about eating the food to pacify myself. Grab green food instead. Put things in your mouth that are going to support your immune function and keep you levelheaded.

Notice. Try not to let the stress overtake you. Recognize the situations that cause the stress and notice them coming your way. You have a better shot at fending off the full effects of the stress when you can anticipate it.

Get it off your chest. Talk to a friend or partner about the stress. Sometimes just getting it off your chest can help unload some of the burden.

Keep your sense of humor. If you do have the chance to talk about it, try to see the irony and humor in the wacky bits. I think someone is dead in the water once they lose their sense of humor.

Stay grateful. My daughter has large lungs and verbal skills she likes to display. Just when I start to wishfully think about her being quiet, I remind myself to be grateful that she can talk to me at all. In almost all of our problems are boatloads of blessings. "Oh, I don't feel like going to the gym." Well, Amen that you have the means and the health to even be able to wrestle with the idea of going to work out. Make a habit of saying thank you. You will notice the sunny spots a lot more often, and not just the gray skies and storms.

Ask, "What's the hurry?" Have some fun. We're always so busy going somewhere, we miss just enjoying the moment. If an opportunity comes your way to do something fun, take it.

Take a deep breath. When you feel the stress getting to you, take a moment. Get away, even if it's just for an hour, to be with yourself and your thoughts. Some people like to take a walk, meditate, lock themselves away in a beautiful bath, or go to church. Find the peace and the silence.

Keep it simple. Simplify where you can. Does Junior really need to be in 78 activities at the age of 5? Do you have to go to every little party or gathering you're invited to?

Turn of the TV. A lot of it is bad news anyway, and it robs us of hours that we could use to be getting other things done. Since everyone complains that they have no time, get some by unplugging from the tube.

Sleep. If you're rested, you have a better shot at handling things. Not to mention, you may not stress out as easily if you have a chance to recover at night.

Drink water. I have said it before: Americans consume 21 percent of their calories through liquid consumption. Hydrate with water. Help you entire system function better just by drinking enough water. Oh, and by the way, if you don't think that weight loss and proper hydration have a relationship, think again. Shift the paradigm on its side -- don't think about exercise and nutritional eating just as something you have to suffer through to get into those jeans. Instead, think of them as armor that will protect you in this crazy world, with all of the bazillion details you deal with every day.
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ahead of the holiday weekend
i and t stop
1-max. trade size: 4L
2-max.position: 8L
3-overnight cash>15k

1-(economic) calendar:

holliday: [url=""]
4-login tws, sierracharts
6-broker: [url=""][/url]
9-charts: [url=""][/url]

m0-3(6)m daily[/url]
m1-7d, 26m SvIQv
m2-1d, 6,5m SvQ/IvT
m3-orderbook SNQ

m0-mayor S+R
m2-hchannels=sync&diverge, takeoff, xhaustions
m3-recenter after pauze=momentum, direction, conviction

delete spikes
m0-update resting Border

resh/c probw/l, tt all,l,s
closed: d, 10d, all


-put a trap
-put a tight istop
-tight a trail stop
-open a position with a marketorder (no chasing, no slip)
-close a position with a marketorder (min slip below/above big b/a)

-traps: pricelevels for marketstops to enter/add to a position
-trails: pricelevels to place (initial) marketstops for the protect of a position

mr alpha bv: master LCL & partial fills
skill=equity>$150.000 and yearly roi> 300%
size=calibrated intarday equity at risk trade/position<=25bp, <=40bp
overnigt size<= 40% equity

8 separate ways to double your performance in investing and trading.
When adding each, the eight doubling are significant for making money.
They are:
1. use natural cycles
2. enter on BO's anticipated by V(FRV from DU)
3. From the getgo use direction following trail stops for protection
4. Exit on the Left Channel or beyond of trends
5. rotate capital through intraday/overnight cyclesthreads of money
6. Select an universe of max. 3 three quality vehicels that obey all of your paradigm rules
7. optimize trading by shorter cycle compressions on intraday/overnight
8. practice anticipation by using pair of timeframes: trade the slow and anticipate on the fast

drop the part of the paradigm called target. Targets involve the myth of predicting. Once removed gives you a chance to stay with any trend. You are missing an element that says when the trend is over. You can add that as above.

With what remains you have:
-an entry and perhaps a reversal strategy
-a protection element of some sort designed to keep you in the trade while the trend continues. Take the protection in the paradigm and review it so you can see how to use it on the opposite side of the envelope of the trend than the "loss" side. There are two parts to consider. The frequency of the protection adjustments. Use that as is.
The other part is the linkage to the trading price and the present value of the "protection". Use this to perform a test of price and the side opposite to the loss side. You should be able from that new element to generate a signal to you that says: "no adjustment possible". Exit at market at this point.

In effect you will be as far away from your protection stop value as possible at just the time when the trend is stopping making new ground into the profit side of the trend.

What you are always striving for is to stay away from your protection by trend progress. Go out when this progress stops and much before the protective stop would be reached. If your paradigm lacks the dynamic protection aspect, then it is not a possible thing to be using to make money, practically speaking.
What you are getting here is a method that lags a little and you pick up exits on the first retrace of the peak (trough). You won’t make the whole run on each trend during the day trading.. So only take a % of what’s possible.
Tripled his initial money in a minimum of 25 tradingdays,
Then he can pick up slower trends and get into reversals etc.


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