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Good stuff! Db has done a great job introducing a primer to Wyckoff. I also recommend the articles of Bruce Fraser over at Stockcharts to supplement the SLA. I been throught the book of Weiss (Trades about to happen) recently that was starting out great but slowly was just random ranting and hindsight about charts. Also did some research on him that was not very flattering.

Saw a seminar from Hank Pruden the other day...I think he was much better at explaining, and it feels much more serious and less "snakeoilish" so I am starting on his book these days.

Did you use any other resources for Wyckoff other than the DbPhoenix book?

I agree, the ranges can be tricky, but there re really great lessons inside them, and one day perhaps trading opportunities. Cleaning up the charts was really a mind-blowing idea for me, and I hope to see more charts in time. My journal will be quiet for some time until I have gone through material. I do some demo-forward testing, and a few times with real money just to work on the mental game also (with 0.1% risk) and stay in touch with that aspect. Are you in a test-period with demo or are you trading real money?


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I have been 'trading" for about 5 years. But this is the first time using Wyckoff concepts. I never lost much, but I never profitted greatly either. I have downloaded the Wyckoff books, from Wyckoff himself...and they seem a bit arduous. I need to definitely spend more time studying them. But, alas, I also work a full-time job, among other important endeavors....and time is tight. But I want to learn and do it according to how DB has suggested learning. The more I practice and develop rules that work and make sense for me, the quicker and (less painful) the learning curve. There will always be opportunites.....

I sat through the QQQ's fall from the double top....was pretty sure about the climax at the recent low, and wanted to get in. But...I have been determined to run this through back and forward testing to get my ideas formed more concretely., while it has been a bit "annoying" to watch it travel up from what I thought was the bottom, I did not get in on the upmove either as I have not finished my testing phase.

Thank you for your input and suggestions!
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