The Pristine Method Part 2 of 3 – The Need to ‘Put it All Together’…


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The Pristine Method is an incredible way to trade. It is the only way to trade as far as I am concerned. It is what I learned years ago. It was the first and only method I learned. I looked at others, and have studied others since, but nothing comes close. In a sense, you can argue that most of the components individually are not unique. With all the authors on technical analysis, it is hard to find something that has not been discussed. However, between our unique look at many old concepts, and the way the Pristine Method puts it all together, it becomes a method for true professionals, as long as you truly learn the method. In this, and following articles, I am going to look at a few of the common problems that traders have by not fully learning or understanding the method. By understanding these issues, it will help you to better use the Pristine Method. If you have not taken any of our courses, you will still find these concepts useful.

The Pristine Method Part 2 of 3 – The Need to ‘Put it All Together’…

Doctors go to medical school for eight years and take additional years of hands on practice before they touch a patient on their own. Lawyers go to school for 7-8 years and do not gain practical experience to be outstanding in their field for years. Yet, it never fails. Traders spend a weekend at a seminar and they think they are experts. I can understand that in a sense, as the ‘TPM’ seminars are very empowering.

The “Trading the Pristine Method” seminars are the best out there. However, TPM One is two days long. Do you think it is possible for an instructor to convey every single bit on knowledge and experience he/she has gained over years and years of trading in two days? If they ‘could’ convey it, do you think it could be absorbed by any student?

Many people will latch on to certain things they have learned in a first seminar, and run with it. They become successful early because of their focus and understanding of a particular concept. Others jump around, trying to find their ‘niche’, and take additional classes, learning more and more and becoming a more versatile player of the market. However, sometimes they accumulate a lot of ‘knowledge’, and never learn how to ‘Put it All Together’.

Some may ask, why don’t we, at Pristine, ‘put it all together’ for you, and tell everyone exactly what to do. Well, we do in a sense in many ways. However there is a limit. What stock to play, at what moment, at what price, with what stop and with what risk, and with what target. Many of you can see why that does not work. Everyone is unique, and will have certain things to which they will gravitate. Some like daily charts, some cannot stand to hold for more than five minutes. Some like one minute charts, some like to walk away for 15 minutes without having to worry about a trade.

The most important thing for everyone to do at every step of education is to develop their own plan of attack. They need to take all the ‘information’ they learned, and turn it into a system that makes money while appeasing their particular style for duration of trades, frequency of trades, risk on trades, etc. Otherwise, you will spend your day just floundering around, hoping that the knowledge you have will find plays consistently day after day.

Closing Comments:

The need for traders to take what they have learned, and translate it into a system that works for their set of personality traits, and then put it into a written plan that works for them, is critical. It is the ‘secret’ to success everyone is always looking for. This is the procedure that we teach at the seminars. However, for those that struggle, this is one of the top reasons; the failure to put a plan together from what you learned.
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