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I´d like to create a trading system based in MACD and moving average crossover. If the 2 are bullish the system is long , if anyone of them is bearish the system is out of the market , and if booth of them are bearish the system is short.

Very thanks


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Are you planning to plot an additional MA to those in the MACD or just using the MACD itself?

The two lines of the standard MACD do not exhibit Bullish or Bearish characteristics in and of themselves. It is their relative position to each other that gives us potential direction.

Or is it general help with building a system in MetaStock that you need?

What are you trading?


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I think the exploration is what you columns provide formulas and in filter column give the filter out all that do not fit the criteria...hope that helps


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I assume you are a newbie to Metastock

If you go to the section of the manual "Interpretation of Indicators and Line Stuudies" and look up MACD i think you will find the answer to your request.

Do keep us posted as to your experiement.



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I´m a newbie. I´m trading intraday stock indexes in Brazil. I find the optimized MACD and move avenger for the index. I ´d like to create a system tath buy on crossover on macd and move avenger. If one of them crosses(MACD for example)against the trade the long position is closed , and if the other cross (move avenger) a short position is opened.

Thanks for your help.
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