SouthEgg Capital??


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First off sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forum, this is my first post as a T2W member!

Basically, has anyone heard of a company called SouthEgg Capital. They are based in london and claim to have just set up in india as well.

A couple of representatives came into my university this year, and gave a presentation based on their company to anyone interested in trading. They only spoke to us about trading F/X as this would be the simplest to explain to novices.

At the end of the presentation they said they would be interested in setting up a trading society, where students would get together, and southegg would train them on certain techniques to do with trading. They also claimed that if after a few months of trading some of us were consistently successful, they would give the society a small amount of money to trade with. All going well, this could potentially lead to a job after graduation :clap:

I guess I'm asking if anyone else has dealt with this company, or knows anything about them as I can only find their website and have searched the forums for them to no avail. IT just all sounds too good to be true in the trading world? They havent published any accounts as they are a new company so this doesnt help either?

Thanks for any help


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if it sounds to good to be true it probably will be did they ever get let in the door to pitch to you all ?



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I know two people that have done the course and they are in fact still at the firm. However they are trading their own capital rather than the firm's. If you are really interested in trading and want to learn about it then this is a cheap and efficient way to do it. Like most prop firms they offer the chance of trading with their capital if you do well during the two months internship/training but from what I have heard two months is not enough to get a big enough edge to impress them. Do the course as it's cheap and you'll learn a lot. It will also help you hugely to get interviews and jobs with a bank or hedgefund at a later date imo. p.s. I would advise going to the office before signing up, see if it's something you would enjoy.

if you want the contacts of the guys who are there, pm me.


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My good friend trades gold for Southegg is doing pretty well. Says it is a very fun places to work and everyone there is very laid back compared to other places...Hope this is helpful.


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I got a mail from someone Gary.
He was asking me to set up a live account with 300 USD and then trade my account and let them evaluate my performance!
Every other day people are coming forward with new methods to generate business :p
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