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NZD/USD Poised for Breakout: Key Levels to Watch​


Solid ECN—The NZD/USD currency pair retreated from 0.6099 and tested the immediate resistance at 0.6132 today. Indicators such as the RVI and MACD suggest that the bullish trend is likely to continue. Notably, the stochastic oscillator is moving out of the oversold zone.

From a technical perspective, for the uptrend to continue, buyers need to push the price above the 0.613 resistance. If this happens, the pullback will likely target the 0.617 resistance.

Conversely, if sellers keep the price below the immediate resistance, the decline that started on June 6 is expected to test the key support level at 0.6088. If the selling pressure breaks this level, the next support will be at 0.604.​

Overbought USD/JPY Signals Potential Consolidation​


Solid ECN—The U.S. Dollar traded above the 78.6% Fibonacci level against the Japanese yen at about 157.2. The primary trend is bullish; however, the Demarker indicator signals an overbought market by hovering above the 0.7 level. This development in the indicator means the USD/JPY price might consolidate to the lower resistance levels.

Additionally, the 4-Hour chart shows the Bollinger bands are narrowing, signaling a range market. This aligns with the Demarker signal, pointing to the momentum easing on the uptrend.

From a technical standpoint, the USD/JPY is in a bull market, but the U.S. Dollar appears overpriced. It is likely for the bears to dip the price below the 157.0 immediate support. If this scenario unfolds, the consolidation phase may extend to the 61.8% Fibonacci at 156.4. This level provides a decent entry point to join the bull market.

Conversely, the key resistance level is at 157.7. Should the bulls cross above this key barrier, the uptrend will likely resume. If this scenario unfolds, April's high at 160.2 could be set as the next significant barrier.​

Overbought USD/CHF Signals Bearish Potential​


Solid ECN—The USD/CHF currency pair is in a state of being overbought, according to the Demarker indicator, which hovers above the 0.7 line. As of writing, the pair has risen to test the 0.90 (Murrey 3/8) immediate resistance. If this level is breached, the next bullish target will be the 0.903 key resistance (Murrey 4/8).

Conversely, if the price dips below the key resistance level at 0.897 (Murrey 2/8), the overbought market will signal a bearish wave that will likely target 0.894 (Murrey 1/8), followed by 0.8911 key resistance.​

USD/CHF Bulls Eye Key Resistance Levels​


Solid ECN—The USD/CHF bulls are trying to stabilize the price above the simple moving average (SMA) of 25 and Murrey 2/8 at 0.897, a resistance level coinciding with the Ichimoku cloud. However, the technical indicators suggest the market is bearish and the downtrend will likely resume.

Hence, if the price dips below the SMA 25, the next key resistance will be at Murrey 0/8 at 0.8911. If the selling pressure exceeds this level, the -1/8 Murrey at 0.888 could be tested again.

On the flip side, the key resistance level that supports the bearish scenario is Murrey 3/8 at 0.9. Should this level be breached, the pullback from 0.888 can extend to Murrey 4/8 at 0.903.​