Since you started trading, have you made more money than you've lost?

Since you started trading, have you made more money than you've lost?

  • I've made money

    Votes: 75 37.1%
  • I've broken even

    Votes: 25 12.4%
  • I've lost money

    Votes: 102 50.5%

  • Total voters


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A simple poll to challenge the commonly held belief that 90/95% traders will lose money in the long run. Does it hold true for T2W members?


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I suspect that your question may well take people to places that they would much rather not go or admit to.

It is likely that a poll will receive more input from the winners rather than the losers. Losers will probably have stopped trading and visiting sites such as this, so your poll will probably be biased towards winners.

I will be surprised if the % of losers in the poll is as high as 90-95%.



ps I will start the ball rolling by admitting to being a loser.


5,648 440
Thanks for the feedback bracke. It will be interesting to see what sort of response we get. The polls are anonymous by default, and will only show your username if you specifically requested it to be made public.


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Ive wanted to post a poll asking people (both winners and
losers) how much their trading education cost (those
currently still losing are still pay for their education!).

Maybe after this poll is finished i might create it..


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that would be most informative but the difficulty is quantifying it - actual £ cost spent, £ lost, time spent at £/hour, opportunity cost? etc, etc


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Ive thought about that, i think its up to each individual to
decide how much they think it has cost em, total it up and
come up with a single figure. Obviously there are some
things that cant be quantified but alot of things can.


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In my view this poll will not give an accurate result as a lot of people just wont be honest about it.



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I have made more money trading since I started, but I have lost more money spreadbetting than I have made. If I hadnt started spreadbetting I would have been far better off.

The money I have made has come from trading small/mid cap stocks and fixed odds betting.


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O.K. I own up.
I have lost money spread betting. There, that feels better.
The losses were all very small and started after I began to feel that I was clever.
I then left it alone for a while. Started again some time later and did reasonably well until I started listening to "experts". No, not Vince or Darren.
I stopped listening and started making my own decisions and did rather well until yesterday when I got all excited and made a couple of 40 point losses which should have been 200 point gains :eek:.
Note in diary, contact Naz before my training costs get serious.
Why is it that a 20 second lapse in common sense takes a week to make up? :devilish:


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I teach in realtime.So i'm completely open.The ad is there just incase anyone wants to read it.Part of the fee goes to the up keep of this site which i think you'll agree is worth while.

I will gladly pull it if anyone takes offence, however my name was mentioned in the post above it and therefore i offered a link to another part of the site as further info for any reader.Even though as you say its gone off at a tangent a little. :)
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Losing at the moment.Thought I'd cracked it but gambling fever/overconfidence came back.
Thinking of moving back to shares.
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