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Back when John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd were regulars on Saturday Night Live (SNL), a younger and wilder Steve Martin frequently joined that outrageous cast during guest-appearances.  A relatively new face in comedy, Steve Martin fitted in perfectly.  I remember some absolutely hilarious SNL moments from those days.     
One particular skit that Steve Martin did stands out in my mind.  It was called, ?How to be a millionaire and not pay taxes.?  Standing all alone on stage wearing his trademark white suit and black tie, Steve Martin looked into the camera and carried on like a cheesy investment guru trying to rustle up clients with a ploy that went something like this:
?Yes, you too can be a millionaire and not pay taxes.  How, you ask?  First, get a million dollars.  Then, when the IRS asks why you didn?t pay taxes, simply say, ?I forgot?.?
My retelling of the skit does not do it any justice but I think we can draw a correlation between the source of comedy from that...

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The basis of all good trading is a simple approach, without complicatiions.
Bill has done an excellent and simple article.


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Just another teaser to part you from your money

Like those articles, which give nothing away by Joe Ross, this is another one designed to get you to buy Bills' course(s)
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