Setting Up An LLC from the UK to day trade in US


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I am currently a forex trader but have recently started to venture out into day trading US equities. From my research, quite a few brokers will not accept UK clients. I was wondering if a possible workaround to this could be to set up an LLC in the US and open an account through the LLC. From some of the other threads I have read on here, there are no tax benefits to this but I would be able to write off some expenses. Other than this, would it make sense to start up an LLC or is it not worth the time and money?

I appreciate any help.


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My main issue with IB is their platform. It isn't the best to use and I find that it can be laggy at times which is annoying for execution
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You can now partner TradeStation with interactive brokers or go directly to trade station. Us equity companies like lightspeed are fast. Also you can use Das pro with interactive brokers. Das pro is $150 dollars a month, which includes fast data and the execution software. I believe that your fills will be fast. Call Das Pro to ask any questions about speed. I am with interactive brokers but half tempted to find out if I can use the trade station front end with no delay etc. I am taking position trades with equity’s with less scalps so not so concerned with ultra fast transactions. Interactive broker use filtered data which you can definitely notice especially trading futures compared with amp using the TT trading technologies software. Hope that your all sorted now


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There are a couple of us from T2W that day-trade US equities and we've recently set-up a free trading chat room. We're normally active from at least the half hour before the open - anyone viewing is very welcome to join us -

I would be very interested as a fellow UK resident to discuss brokers and platforms as I currently use IB for everything and have always found it cumbersome and slow.
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